Great Birthday Presents for Mom

BirthdayMomGreat birthday presents for Mom are always a challenge, so we decided to pull together our favorite list.

Flower club from plants, wreaths, and roses each month, I would love this. Each month a fresh bouquet to make your day.

Spa finder will help you find the best deals on spa get aways as well as local discounts. You can book a spa getaway for you both and/or the entire family. Another great one is massage envy that offers reduced rates on weekly or months massages, who doesn’t need a massage?

Photo books of you, your kids or the entire family. Books start as low as 9.99 a great deal for a book for generations. They also have mugs, posters, cards and who doesn’t want a pillow with a grandchild’s face?

Adventure seeking Mom? How about a tandem paragliding trip? This is one I have never done but would love to try.

Then of course there is the cooking class which she might not need but… a cheese making class is truly fun. Having done this myself in Atlanta I learned so much and yes… ate so much. There are even cheese making tours in California or why not do one in France? Plan your own or get it organized for you and then of course you can’t have win without cheese so you add on a wine tour to go along with it.

The list is endless and now has given me wanderlust. So if all else fails you could just call us and we could do a skincare class 🙂 or you could give her a gift certificate

Whatever you do I am sure Mom will love it!