Southern Spring


Southern Spring… Spring seems to taunt us in the South, doesn’t she? She waves about warm breezes and flickers sunshine, then flips a switch back to chill. She sputters to life in fits and starts, finally blossoming out a full display in dramatic fashion, waiting for us to swoon and gasp before giving a coquettish wink that says “Oh, THIS old thing, it’s been in the back of the closet for years!” Her annual promenade feels wistfully brief, sometimes merely weeks until her sultry sister, Summer, takes the stage. Yet, that short stay only enhances her mystique and encourages us to develop ways of savoring our fleeting dance with Les Printemps

We’ve grown accustomed to this performance, gearing up for the first few steps at Easter and Passover time and then striking up the band for Mother Nature herself with Earth Day revels. We’re eager to stretch out on sun-warmed grass or stroll through fragrant gardens. We’re ready to see her … watching the pas de deux as the withered Winter bows before the Ingenue. She’s nurtured us through the bitter cold months and now, without further adieu, she’s SPRUNG!  Each open flower gives an added flourish, and, of course, we’re harnessing the best of those natural talents in our ingredients.
How do you celebrate the glorious Rites of Spring? What are some of your favorite signs of the season? Tell us about them.