When I was young my parents and I spent time in Hawaii and every time my gardenias bloom it reminds me of being there. In researching gardenias I was surprised to read that some consider this a difficult shrub to grow as they flourish in Georgia and normally bloom 2-3 times from May – September. What a treat! The flower like the magnolia is delicate and does not last long once picked.  Gardenias are a member of the rubiaceae family that includes coffee and you will notice in the photo of my gardenia below it does resemble a coffee bean. There are over 150 varieties of gardenias, the genus gardenia was name after an 18th century physician and naturalist, Alexander Garden in Charleston.The gardenia jasminoides( though not related to jasmine) flower that is prevalent in my backyard  is used as a yellow dye in clothes and food in parts of  What I love is the intoxicating aroma.