Moonflowers, Goldfinch and Cicadia

Fall is on its way and I have proof! I have seen the American Goldfinch eating the seeds of my coneflowers. They pass through in April and in August and I can never seem to capture a photo, however I do have the evidence in the tops of the echinacea where they have been feeding. Unsightly as it is in my yard, this is one of the flowers I never dead head as I know the finches will devour the seeds.

Another harbinger of fall are the cicadas, they have been quite loud this year they are slowly fading away.

My favorite sign though are moonflowers belle de nuit, that have begun blooming. The seeds are toxic and although I read they are perennials, mine are not. As they only bloom at night I plant the seeds around their cousins, morning glories. The flowers were mixed with gums from trees to make balls in Central America centuries ago. I read that in the 19th century there would be parties to celebrate the opening of the flowers, literally you can watch them slowly open. I love watching mine and the aroma is truly intoxicating.