My new fearful ALR dog Callie, is barking at the ice hitting the windows… now growling… she prefers to be out slipping and sliding in it as opposed to hearing it. At 6:30 this morning we were the first to walk on my street. This will be quite treacherous as it is pure ice coupled with the large trees that are already weakened due to drought, then floods. As my beloved yard has black walnuts, pecans, oaks and mulberries that are quite old I hope all stays relatively quiet. As I ventured out this a.m. I snapped this of my favorite geranium, jasmine, lavender body lotionLOTION1


Callie is coming out of her shell and agreed to pose for upcoming Valentine’s Day photos… which is also my Mother’s Birthday. A month and a half ago she was shaking like a leaf and scared of her own shadow. After it dawned that the backyard is an endless archaeological dig and belongs to her, she now dominates it completely, leaping gracefully like a gazelle.  She is blooming into a humble diva! Thank you #AtlantaLabRescue.

animal camouflage

mothAs I walked out the door this morning I thought this was a leaf, but it is a moth. Animals are masters at self defense and changing their appearance to match their environment. The most common is the the chameleon that can change colors on a whim. One of the most amazing is the Indonesian Mimic Octopus. One of my favorites is the Malaysian Orchid Mantis, how lovely to live in orchids unseen. Now that I think about it – how many animals have we NOT seen?



American Goldfinch

American goldfinch are early this year in my backyard, harbingers of spring with their golden feathers looking for shelled sunflower seeds or thistle. In the fall they come back through and they love the seeds from my coneflowers that I don’t cut down so that they can feast on them.  They are the only finch that loses its feathers two times a year. late breeders, July – September, the female builds a nest so tight that it can hold water her secret? spider web silk.

photo from National Geographic


Stocking Stuffer Bubble Bath

Amazing! Chichi is near a tub without be dragged in there! She is guarding our new 2 oz size of our jasmine orange bubble bath – she thinks it is for her :).   A great stocking stuffer and travel companion. Relax in a nice bubble bath infused with jasmine and orange, candles and a glass of bubbly.. just lock the door… ChiChi might jump in! 🙂


jasmine-orange-bubblebath jasmine-orange-bubblebath-1