day 4 of 4 days of gifts

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dandelion salad

• 2 cups dandelion greens and if you have basil in your garden add that
• Nuts of your choice
• Blueberries or strawberries (or fruit/veggie of the season)
Dressing that I make – you can add/subtract as needed – and as I don’t normally measure it this is approximate
– ¼ cup olive or sunflower oil
– Vinegar or red wine – about ¼ tsp
– Dash of sugar
– Dash of sea salt
– Dash Cumin OR turmeric
– And everything has to have garlic so… one clove minced garlic



Is it just me or do we all hesitate to immediately embrace what our Mother says? My mother kept telling me about an article I had to read. Finally last night I read the crumpled newspaper article that she had gifted me and voila! It was an article by Susan Salisbury of the Palm Beach Post.  An informative short read, please click on her name to read the entire article. In it she states” “Natural” holds no regulatory definition. And just because something isn’t man-made doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe (consider poison ivy, poisonous mushrooms, or hemlock”. Which I hope illustrates the benefit of buying USDA organic certified that is regulated by USDA and the State Department of Agriculture. I won’t get on my band wagon of the arduous, costly, time consuming annual event that being certified requires. Rather, I will state that we are proud of our status. So, why is the camellia on this post? Is it natural that my camellia is blooming today the weekend of Labor Day alongside my sunflowers, phlox and ginger lily?  Which brings me to my point, I hope, that natural is not defined and regulated, however organic is.

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cardinal vine

1My backyard is a bevy of butterflies and hummingbirds this morning, just glorious and there is a new resident an eastern cottontail visiting every morning and evening. After waiting all summer my cardinal vine has finally bloom, alas just one bloom but there are more buds to come. However I believe it should have been blooming all summer. This glorious small flower is in the same family as morning glories and has lovely airy leaves, a delightful climber. Now I just hope to see more blooms.

cardinal vine