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happy friday the 13th!


life begins in the garden

The saying that life begins in the garden is so true in my backyard. The [...]



dandelion salad

DANDELION SALAD • 2 cups dandelion greens and if you have basil in your garden [...]


Is it just me or do we all hesitate to immediately embrace what our Mother [...]


Zinnias might be my new favorite flower. Throw the seeds in the yard and they [...]

cardinal vine

My backyard is a bevy of butterflies and hummingbirds this morning, just glorious and there [...]


The history of rosemary dates to the fifth millennium B.C. Legend says rosemary grows where [...]

ginger lilies

August brings out one of my favorite flowers, my  fragrant ginger lilies. Ginger lilies belong [...]

Geranium Leaves

Geranium leaves are some of my favorite aromas. Hence, cooking with geraniums is my thought [...]