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Historically (and well before the pineapple) peppermint has been a symbol of hospitality. Of all the essential oils, peppermint is one,that even the most neophyte of consumers, have a distinct memory or experience.  From the smell of indulgent, candy cane laden hot chocolate during winter vacations to an invigorating peppermint tea prepared with healing love to combat a stomach ache peppermint can be found peppered in our lives.  Growing up, the smell of peppermint always is interconnected to home remedies for chest congestion, skin irritations and the rare joy of being allowed to chew gum!

From a scientific standpoint, peppermint is a cross between spearmint and water mint. The plant can be found in Europe, Asia and North America.  While there are close to 30 species of peppermint, the majority of peppermint is harvested in North America.  The Egyptians, who were medicinally advanced, used peppermint leaves for gastritis and indigestion.  In the late 17th century and the early 18th century the Europeans used peppermint not only for stomach ailments but also menstrual infirmities.

The aroma of peppermint has been shown to raise readiness and improve memory.  Who could not benefit from this??  In addition to containing vitamin A and vitamin C, findings indicate that peppermint oil exhibits antifungal, analgesic, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Our glimmering orange peppermint shea butter consistency and the unpolluted peppermint and orange has a multiplicity of uses. A friend uses it on his face and hair, a friend’s daughter uses it on her feet after a long ballet class and I recently massaged my temples during a debilitating migraine.  As if this was not sufficient, I recently gifted a friend that is fighting breast cancer and she has shared with me that it has helped subside the hot flashes and nausea post treatment.

An ancient medicinal tool and a modern medicine cabinet must have… Peppermint!


Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate those that have been a major force of support and inspiration in your life. Be it your mother, caregiver, or any person in your life who has guided you, it is time to say thank you – and shower them with love (and gifts!).


The origins of Mother’s Day start with the Greeks and Romans celebrating mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele with festivals. The contemporary inspiration comes from the older Christian tradition of “Mothering Sunday,” in which devoted followers would return to their mother church for Lent services. As the years progressed, the tradition turned into holiday in which children honor their mothers with gifts, such as flowers and mementoes.

Modern Holiday

Traditional American Mother’s Day owes its place on the calendar to Anna Jarvis. After the death of her mother in 1905, she pushed for a permanent way to honor all mothers, as well as establish a holiday that celebrates the achievement of women (at the time most holidays were androcentric). Anna Jarvis’ mission to pay tribute to mothers resulted in President Woodrow Wilson declaring the second Sunday in May officially Mother’s Day.

Thank You

Though every day should be Mother’s Day, it is time to officially pay tribute to mom. Did you know Mother’s Day holds the record for most phone calls made in a day, topping every other day of the year? Time to make that phone call, send those flowers and gifts, and remind moms everywhere how important they are.

The Perfect Gift

Still looking for that special something to send mom this year? HollyBeth Organics offers a wonderful selection of inspired gifts, including new Flourish Calming Perfume, our exclusive Rose Geranium Soy Candle, gift certificates, and more!

The Language of Remembering

I’m a self-professed WordNerd. Perhaps that seems obvious for a writer, but my fascination with words extends deeper than the stories they can tell. I’ve been known to play with sentence structure for hours and get lost in a thesaurus searching for synonyms. After hearing or reading a new word, I practically leap to a dictionary to discover its meaning and origin. To me, the way a word develops, its etymology, reveals a story unto itself — so many thousands of words and phrases altered in context over hundreds of years as society changes its course.

Just as fascinating as the linguistic changes (at least from a WordNerd viewpoint) are the commonalities, proving that some emotions and situations stick firmly to our human condition… the dangling participles on our DNA. The ribosomes of our verbal cytoplasm build a vocabulary of love, hate, pain, joy, honor, deceit, pride, humiliation, peace and war.

War. As unending and constant as all the others.

Memorial Day rests on the calendar for this weekend. I annually clarify the point of Memorial Day to my children, lest they grow up believing this holiday’s moniker comes from instructions to remember ingredients for the BBQ sauce recipe: “It started after the Civil War as a national movement to honor the fallen soldiers of that conflict, and continued from there. We all take a day to reflect on those who sacrificed their lives for their country.” This year, I’m challenged for further interpretation by one of my younger ones (maybe a burgeoning WordNerd-let?) who wants to know exactly what a “Memorial” is, rattling off the other uses of the word — Memorial Day, Memorial Fund, In Memoriam, Memorial Foundation, Memorial Gardens, Memorial Hospital — and asking me if those are all for honoring soldiers. Nothing sparks locutionary research like the curiosity of a beloved little boy.

I tell him the moniker comes from the act of remembering, whether the life of a soldier or a friends and family or a heroic deed; to memorialize means to openly acknowledge our admiration for someone or something never to be forgotten. He needs to look it up… definitely a dangling participle of my DNA. As I expected, we find the the ancient roots of memoria in Latin and smarati in Sanskrit which denote “remembering”. Yet, unexpectedly, we find that the Greek terms merimna and mermeros convey “care and thought” and “causing anxiety” respectively; Welsh and Old English terms also equate these roots with “sadness, anxiety, mourning.” But, the favorite discovery by far turns up the legend of a Norse giant called Mimir who guards and ancient Well of Wisdom. That one stops us in our figurative tracks.
How powerful. We picture Viking warriors around a flame telling tales of Mimir, all of them understanding through these legends that knowledge is acquired by listening to the ancients. The Well of Wisdom overflows with lessons from the past, messages remembered and taught to the next generation. And isn’t that what we truly want from all of our various memorials — to hear the voices of our ancestors telling us how to move forward without them? Those proverbs may be etched in stone monuments, heralded in song, festooning doorways  or paraded down the street.  But, they are also whispered in prayers, blossoming in fields, gleaming from a baby’s eyes and glowing from a firefly. Are you listening? Will you remember?

day 4 of 4 days of gifts

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Southern Living Serenbe Holiday Bazaar

Today is the last day of the Southern Living Serenbe Christmas bazaar. If you haven’t heard about Serenbe, it is a must see. A quiet planned community outside of Atlanta that  is it home to those who want to telecommunicate or retire. Not for the meek and mild mind you, it is quite pricey to buy and live there. It is organized and planned, therefore, not like living in the country with cows and chickens which would be my preference. The bazaar is inside a stunning stable for horses, more like a barn. And I would love to live in it! It is spectacular, lucky horses! They hired someone to do the decorations and there seemed to be more oohs and aahs for the decor than all the goods being sold, and they were quite tasteful.



Mother's Day Special

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mother's day special
mother’s day special