Daphne's hydrangea photo

Yesterday was a long stressful day but it ended in being such a blessing of a day. As I was driving into the driveway, I saw a lady and man in my yard and I realized the lady was taking a photo of my hydrangea. The lady, Daphne (how appropriate named after a lovely flower) said she had drivien by my hydrangea and loved it and walked back to take a photo and did I mind? Why of course not I was honored! She then got  a tour of the backyard (or garden 🙂 poor thing, I probably bored her with the details but it is always a delight when someone likes what you planted or created. So thank you Daphne for the photo and admiring my yard!  Then, I checked  the mailbox and Alicia (my dear friend living in the UK) spoiled me once again with the most gorgeous tea towels that will be transformed into either an apron, curtains or skirt as they are much too lovely to wipe dishes. I am so blessed!