pink grapefruit… the mutant hybrid

According to the American Institute for cancer research the components of grapefruit can lower the risk of cancer. But did you know that grapefruit is a hybrid and red grapefruit is a mutant? Grapefruit seeds were introduced to Florida in the 1700s from the West Indies. From there they went to Texas where red grapefruit was born by accident, a mutation. The essential oil of grapefruit is extracted from the peel of the fruit. The essential oil properties include antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, cleansing and of course as a diuretic. When I was younger grapefruits were synonymous with diets, cut in half with something sweet on top and to this day I just can’t eat them. Of course the most wonderful part of grapefruit oil is the refreshing aroma. I have added grapefruit essential oil in our marigold cleanser for oily skin and in my flourish perfume for its uplifting scent.grapefruit