Beauty Huile Review

Beauty Huile wrote a lovely review on our marigodl bergamot dryoil. Thank you!


What is it: Made for oilier skin types, a greaseless face oil ($35) that helps normalize those oil mucking sebaceous glands and clear skin from pesky blackheads. Did I mention it’s a dry oil, the first I have seen for the face? Shine-afflicted t-zones can now enjoy wearing a face oil under an SPF and see just how quickly skin is left just a bit plumper than before.
Why it matters: Have you seen a face oil with Marigold essential oil? Neither had I. The essence (which is extracted from fresh stems and flower petals of marigold) has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing, which makes it a relief for minor break-outs that ooze a little something unwanted atop skin. And, yes, Marigold is aka Calendula, but so rarely used in face formulations. It’s even potent enough to apply over a bee sting to reduce the…oh well…that sting.
Why it impresses: The dry oil is quite light for using during the day. USDA-approved, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, the silk-like oil has a refreshing crisp of sprightly citrus with Bergamot, which lends an uncluttered simplicity to the scent. Grapeseed and Jojoba are your carriers here, which sink on the spot as Jojoba is so comparable to skin’s natural sebum. The oil (free from unnecessary fillers) is a wonderful prickly antidote to your weekly mask fixes as once the clay sucks out the grime, oily skins will still want a single serving of moisture to replenish and tone.
The Final Word: A citrus-y scent retreat for when your skin asks for a warm, sparkling clean feeling and slather.