10 Myths About Organic Skin Care

10mythsorganicskincareMyths about organic skin care, organic produce and what defines an organic product are ongoing in our water cooler conversations and pepper many a magazine.  As a person that has always been keen on asking questions and sometimes purposefully stirring the pot, I currently am contemplating the meaning and myths that surround organic skin care…

Myth #1 – All organic products are safe

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many toxic ingredients are found in everyday skin care.  Commonly present ingredients such as Alcohol / Isopropyl (SD-40) not only strips your skin of your natural oils, it can accelerate the penetration of other detrimental chemicals.

Myth #2 – Skin care products need to have preservatives to be safe

Preservatives are added to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast and fungus when water is part of the ingredient list.  While preservatives are safer than bacteria, if your skin care product does not contain a water based product then there is no need for preservatives.  At HollyBeth Organics, we never use any water in our organic products, so there is no need for preservatives.

Myth #3 – If the label reads NATURAL is must be ORGANIC. 

Not True.  The process of becoming organic certified is an arduous process that takes many years and is greatly regulated.  Any farm that is certified organic has been scrutinized for a three year cycle ensuring it is chemical free and follows the stringent regulations of becoming recognized as certified. Unfortunately, the use of the word organic alone DOES NOT ensure that the product is certified organic.  When a product carries the USDA-Certified label that product (and that product alone) has been qualified and certified as having 100% certified organic ingredients. In essence if a product has 4 ingredients, each of the four ingredient has to be confirmed organic certified and thus the product can be deemed USDA… A demanding process but well worth the assurance!  

Myth #4 – Synthetic vs Natural? 

What does your body truly benefit from?   The merits of any product depend on the ingredients.  There are some synthetic ingredients that are considered to be appropriate, but you must educate yourself on the research behind the claims.  With ingredients that are created in nature, both the test of time and the body’s natural recognition of these ingredients have been established.  For example, calendula (better known as marigold or “Mary’s Gold”) was used by the Egyptians as a preservative and was said to be used by Cleopatra herself.  Nature fosters natural derived beauty and frankly, any remote possibility of being deemed Cleopatra like is always welcomed!

Myth #6 – All or nothing

The process of purging and purifying our beauty regime is not an overnight process.  We all have certain must haves that were the most challenging to let go. Whether it be a mascara or a not so purifying mask, we are emotionally attached! There is no all or nothing rule.  We each have a paced path towards true beauty free of toxins…. Take your time, celebrate the victories and surround yourself with people that enable you rather than judge you! 

Myth #7 – Organic products smell bad

Naturally derived skin care does not smell like the inside of a dusty, old vitamin shop.  How can the smell of an orange blossom be offensive?  How can the calming properties of Lavender or the invigorating nature of peppermint be questionable? Impossible! Yes, many products that are not naturally created use enormous amounts of perfume and our olfactory senses have been programmed to equate these non-eco-friendly aromas with beauty products. 

Myth #8 – Eating healthy will suffice

Not True!  Skin is your largest organ and it has a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with your lifestyle. What you place on your skin affects your overall internal health and what you consume affects the appearance of your skin.  Healthy glow is derived from the inside out… the outside in. 

Myth #9 – Organic skin care is too expensive

False! I keep going back to the ingredient list of any product.  Reminds of what my mother always said, show me your friends and it shows volumes of who you are.   Organic certified products are like idyllic friends.  They are pure, consistent and steadfast. They impact our lives continually.  Due to their prolific nature, a little goes a long way and thus per use, the cost is more than palatable.

Myth #10 – Aging is bad

We live in a society surrounded by airbrushed perfection.  The most beautiful things in life are neither perfect nor contrived.  We can control so much in our lives, but by the time you finish reading this article you have aged. Time will pass and we have no control or downloadable app that can avoid it.  Aging is NOT a bad word.  I can assure you that I feel more confident today than I did in my 20’s. (Granted some things just don’t have the same elasticity, but as I share with my daughter… there is beauty is everything!!)

Beauty, skin care and inner glow is a subject matter that will continue to evolve and continue to be ever present even if the water cooler conversations of the past are more like K-cup chats.  Don’t define yourself by coffee talk or confuse your thoughts by myths about organic skin care. 

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