Sandalwood essential oil comes from the roots of the trees. The tree must have matured to at least 35 years before the oil can be extracted. Growing mainly in India, the tree is in danger of extinction. It is a root parasite taking its nutrients from other trees and scientists are baffled at how it survives. The […]


Sandalwood essential oil acts as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory and healing agent when used in skincare. The tree must be at least 20 years old to obtain the essential oil and the tree reaches maturity at 80 years. Long know in Hindu in religious ceremonies sandalwood is at least 4000 years old and grows in Asia […]

black cumin seed

  I’m constantly searching out new plants and oils to incorporate into to my products. Black Cumin Seed Oil, the newest weapon in my arsenal of powerful and effective organic ingredients, is hardly new. This ancient oil, derived from the seeds of the lovely Nigella Sativa flower, a member of the Buttercup family, has been […]


Pure, honest, simple and USDA-Certified organic ingredients are the secret to HollyBeth Organics’ pampering, nutritive and effective skin care line. Harnessing the curative, therapeutic and aromatic powers of organic essential oils, organic butters, waxes, seed and nut oils, every ingredient in HollyBeth’s collection is grown from the earth, not concocted in a lab. The combination […]