double duty eye cream

The skin around your eyes is the first area to show signs of aging and the damaging effects of sun exposure, smoking, and environmental toxins. Why? Skin is thinnest around the eye area and as we age we lose muscle tone.  Sun exposure damages the elastin and collagen in your skin thus decreasing elasticity. Our customers swear by our eye cream and tell us that they have seen positive results around the eye using HollyBeth Organics eye cream loaded with camellia oil (uva protection properties) Vitamin E and jojoba oil. This is by far our number one seller. Customers e-mail us telling us they swear by it for cuticle cream and cold cream – what do you use it for?


day 4 of 4 days of gifts

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let me count the ways

We have been keeping a list of the ways our customers use HollyBeth Organics Hair & Body Silk and decided to share it with you. Do you have one you would like to add? If you haven’t tried it use our free shipping coupon valid for 48 hours coupon code SILK.


  1. Tame the frizzes with 1 – 2 drops rubbed into your hands then smooth lightly over hair
  2. Add shine to your hair will taming the frizzes
  3. Hair conditioning treatment mask – massage into scalp and hair –  leave in for 20 minutes or overnight (with towel on pillow) then shampoo out in the morning
  4. Massage oil
  5. Shaving – both male and female customers have written to tell us how it softens there skin for shaving – Daniel T swears by it!
  6. Cuticle softener
  7. Manicures and pedicures to soften hands and feet
  8. 1-2 drops rubbed in your hands then massage your pets – they will love it!
  9. Lip gloss – had a tad of honey to it and use as a moisturizing lip gloss
  10. Use after bathing while skin is still damp for superbly softened skin
  11.  Aromatherapy – smell the aroma of vibrant peppermint throughout the day to lift your spirits
  12. Make – up remover

Do you have another use?

squalene vs squalane

Camellia oil is rich in squalane which is important in maintaining smooth and supple skin and contains UV protection properties.  Squalene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon that produces oxygen when combined with water. Squalene is a hydrogenated form of squalane and for decades was taken from deep sea shark liver oil and then hydrogenated to create squalane.  A much better renewable source of squalane is derived from nut and fruit oil. Camellia oil is the richest in vitamins and anti-oxidants of all oils and is a dry oil; it sinks right into your skin. My favorite ingredient and in HollyBeth Organics products.  This little beauty just bloomed, rather late for camellia blooms in Georgia.

squalane in camellia oil

chilly snow Sunday blooms

It is spitting snow in my backyard and a wind-chill in the 20s which is cold. It is amazing what is thriving in this cold. Red wing blackbirds are devouring the bird feed, American gold finches are visiting and daffodils are blooming with lenten roses, camellias and hyacinth. And as you know, camellia oil is the most effective oil you can use on your skin, full of anti-oxidants with UV protection properties. No wonder HollyBeth Organics are so effective, camellia oil. To see all that is blooming in my yard check out my backyard on pinterest.