spring detox exfoliate

Exfoliate: Get rid of winter skin with a gentle exfoliator, stay away from harsh scrubs and chemicals that can damage your skin. Remember your skin is shedding cells every minute, think of it as spring cleaning, sweeping away winter. When I was a child my mother would exfoliate with cornmeal which is the reason I created our award winning grits & honey scrub. What customers love about it is that it is not only an exfoliator but a moisturizer as the honey leaves your skin soft and supple. To this day her skin glows and I know it is from her routine of exfoliating and moisturizing.



Summer Skin and Grits Honey

In this hot weather it is important to cleanse and hydrate skin. Therefore, I have decided to follow my mother’s regimen that she has followed rigorously for 83 years. When I was a child she would exfoliate with cornmeal; years later when I was making a body scrub she suggested adding grits. I add Tupelo Honey, Vitamin E and a tad of organic sweet almond oil and Voila! an exfoliant AND a moisturizer. Truly decadent and results oriented!

After this I spritz all day with my marigold toner it cuts down the perspiration and is uplifting AND keeps me hydrated and at night I used my rose geranium toner as a mist.

Photo by Cavan Clark of my friend Adair:)