Spring Skincare Products We Love

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On Sale in Honor of Spring!


Spring is in the Air

Time to break out your spring skincare products! Now that the sun is out and nature is in bloom, cold winter nights wrapped up inside by the fire are replaced by outside adventures and lighthearted evenings on a patio. Life is in full bloom, and it is time to celebrate.

Spring is a Big Bouquet of Flowers

Bright colors and rich greens rejuvenate sleepy landscapes, and nature fills the air with the budding aroma of flowers, trees, and fruits. Inspired by spring’s natural bounty, HollyBeth created her signature Flourish Perfume, a delightful combination of jasmine and rose mixed with hints of lavender and bergamot. Soft scents of floral and earth perfectly combine to evoke the blooming flavors of a new beginning. It is the perfect perfume to add to your spring skincare products.

Spring is an Orchard of Fresh Fruit

Crisp citrus flavors of orange and lemon energize the spirits and uplift the soul. One of my favorite HollyBeth Organics spring skincare products is her Citrus All Over Cream. A refreshing blend of camellia, jojoba, and sweet almond oil adorned with lemon, lime, and orange essential oils create this delicious moisturizing cream that nourishes the skin and tantalizes the senses. And as an added bonus, the citrus-based cream naturally repels pesky bugs! Looking for a spring skincare shea butter? Try HollyBeth’s Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream. This southern-inspired cream infused with invigorating lime and lemon enlivens the skin with happy hydration. And in honor of spring, HollyBeth Organics’ Lemon Lime Shea Butter is on sale! Click here to add this zesty moisturizing cream to your spring skincare routine.

Spring has arrived! Time to let your skin enjoy it, too.

Carolina jessamine

My yellow jasmine is starting to bloom in my backyard! The name of this vine  varies from Carolina jessamine, yellow jessamine, trumpet vine, evening trumpet flower etc. etc. Basically all one should know is that it is native to South Carolina and their state flower. This jasmine should not be confused with the decadent star jasmine that was my first introduction to jasmine while living in Spain. Ladies would put it in their hair behind the ear and depending on which ear the intoxicating jasmine was place would determine her availability i.e. single or take. Then men would walk on the opposite side of the square, flowerless.

My new fearful ALR dog Callie, is barking at the ice hitting the windows… now growling… she prefers to be out slipping and sliding in it as opposed to hearing it. At 6:30 this morning we were the first to walk on my street. This will be quite treacherous as it is pure ice coupled with the large trees that are already weakened due to drought, then floods. As my beloved yard has black walnuts, pecans, oaks and mulberries that are quite old I hope all stays relatively quiet. As I ventured out this a.m. I snapped this of my favorite geranium, jasmine, lavender body lotionLOTION1