Happy Leap Day!


Happy Leap Day!

Happy leap day! Tis that extra lucky day (or believed to be extra unlucky by some) that comes every four years to keep us in sync with the solar / seasonal year. It actually takes the Earth 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to complete its orbit (around 365.25 days), so an extra day is added to the calendar to keep us in tune with that additional time.

Spring Inspiration

And who doesn’t appreciate additional time? No matter what your superstitions about today may be, an extra day on the calendar gives us all a little bit more life to live! And with spring just around the corner, what better time to be inspired by the beauty of the Earth. The flowers will be blooming, the trees will be in color again, and nature will be in full swing as everything comes back to life.

Natural Ingredients

Did you know that all of HollyBeth Organics’ ingredients come from flowers and trees? From camellia, rose, geranium, sunflower, jasmine and lavender, to avocado, carrot and pumpkin, all of our certified organic products are made of the Earth’s finest natural resources. Want to read more about the ingredients HollyBeth uses to create her skin care solutions? Check out our Ingredients page to discover more about what goes into her products.

Now go out there and seize the (extra) day!


Wisteria, native to the South, like kudzu is quite invasive. However of the two I would choice wisteria for its color and fragrance. However, I must admit I vigorously cut it down in my backyard as it will kill my trees. There have been reports of wisteria covering an entire acre and if you know the possessive roots of wisteria one can only imagine the damage it wrecks.  Wisteria can be made into a wine and parts eaten while some species of wisteria are poisonous, such a wily plant. This particular blossom was saved for the time being. 🙂


My new fearful ALR dog Callie, is barking at the ice hitting the windows… now growling… she prefers to be out slipping and sliding in it as opposed to hearing it. At 6:30 this morning we were the first to walk on my street. This will be quite treacherous as it is pure ice coupled with the large trees that are already weakened due to drought, then floods. As my beloved yard has black walnuts, pecans, oaks and mulberries that are quite old I hope all stays relatively quiet. As I ventured out this a.m. I snapped this of my favorite geranium, jasmine, lavender body lotionLOTION1

yogurt cheese & herb biscuits

Biscuits, just like grits, aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Biscuits as I always say are love message, biscuits are always made by hand with love like my Grandmother used to make. These are yogurt cheese biscuits with clipping from my yard; rosemary, lemon verbena, basil, lavender and mint. But you can literally take any herb in your yard and had to make savory biscuits. Just minutes to make!

  • 2 cups flour
  • 3 tsps. baking soda
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt (or you can substitute with milk or sour cream)
  • ¼ cup olive
  • Herbs to your tasting from your yard about 1-2 tsps.
  • Grated emmental cheese about a tblsp.
  • Pinch of salt

Mix it all together and don’t let it sit long and it is better mixing with your hands.  I usually put a drop of olive oil on the top before sticking in the oven. Bake at 375 for about 11 minutes. Check to make sure the bottoms are golden and the tops a tad golden. yougurt biscuitsAnd voila! Delicious biscuits!

garden party

Beth & Pamela are two of the most talented women I know. How lucky am I that they wanted to have a garden party in my backyard? Oh my goodness, Pamela, photographer extraordinaire, made a green gazpacho that would put Wolfgang Puck a shivering… and Beth made a peach sorbet that would have the barefoot contessa asking for an autograph. It was the most wonderful party where new and old friends met. Pamela’s photos speak louder than words.bethbethhbteacupsorbetgazpacholavender

garden party
garden party

Clary Sage

Clary sage was originally used to improve vision it is now known to be effective as an astringent and aphrodisiac. Our marigold toner (12.50), witch hazel infused with calendula, lavender and clary sage organic essential oils, soothes and heals your skin. Hydrating and revitalizing, use on skin as make-up setter or pick me up. Great for air travel on hair and face. Follow up with our marigold bergamot dry oil (25.00). Also try our marigold foaming cleanser.

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