let me count the ways

We have been keeping a list of the ways our customers use HollyBeth Organics Hair & Body Silk and decided to share it with you. Do you have one you would like to add? If you haven’t tried it use our free shipping coupon valid for 48 hours coupon code SILK.


  1. Tame the frizzes with 1 – 2 drops rubbed into your hands then smooth lightly over hair
  2. Add shine to your hair will taming the frizzes
  3. Hair conditioning treatment mask – massage into scalp and hair –  leave in for 20 minutes or overnight (with towel on pillow) then shampoo out in the morning
  4. Massage oil
  5. Shaving – both male and female customers have written to tell us how it softens there skin for shaving – Daniel T swears by it!
  6. Cuticle softener
  7. Manicures and pedicures to soften hands and feet
  8. 1-2 drops rubbed in your hands then massage your pets – they will love it!
  9. Lip gloss – had a tad of honey to it and use as a moisturizing lip gloss
  10. Use after bathing while skin is still damp for superbly softened skin
  11.  Aromatherapy – smell the aroma of vibrant peppermint throughout the day to lift your spirits
  12. Make – up remover

Do you have another use?

vetiver essential oil



Vetiver, “aroma of tranquilty” is a grass that is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia and cultivated from Brazil to Reunion. The grass has numerous uses that include erosion control (animals will not eat it) to making mats and blinds. The essential oil is unique as it is derived from the roots whereas most essential oils are from the flower. The essential oil is best known in perfumery, however it is also known to have the following properties, calming, anti-inflammatory and to stimulate hair growth. It’s aroma is earthy, woodsy and smoky but when blended with other essential oils it binds the notes and takes a back seat. I combined it with chocolate peppermint essential oil to create our popular hair & body silk.