USDA Organic Certified


Being USDA Organic Certified is something we are quite proud of. With so many lotions and potions flooding the market filled with chemicals, unnecessary fillers and inactive ingredients, I take pride in the fact that each ingredient in the HollyBeth Organics line of skincare is essential, with the specific intention to heal, beautify and improve the skin’s condition. Consisting only of pure ingredients, our certified organic products don’t contain any fillers or preservatives. On top of making them extremely effective and potent, a small amount of a product goes a long way.

For an ingredient to qualify as USDA Organic, regulation begins at the grower. Just like food, essential oils are agricultural products, which means that growing, harvesting and distillation must all meet government regulations. The actual farms, as well as the processing facilities, must be certified, and not just the final product.

As a USDA-certified company, HollyBeth Organics follows a strict set of government standards and practices. And using USDA-certified organic ingredients means that not only am I using the very best ingredients for my products, but I feel an even a greater sense of good knowing I’m supporting organic agriculture, organic farmers and sustainable practices. USDA-certified organic guarantees there are no agricultural pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and GMOs, which means a cleaner and healthier planet, and in the case of HollyBeth Organics, healthier skin!