Great Birthday Presents for Mom

BirthdayMomGreat birthday presents for Mom are always a challenge, so we decided to pull together our favorite list.

Flower club from plants, wreaths, and roses each month, I would love this. Each month a fresh bouquet to make your day.

Spa finder will help you find the best deals on spa get aways as well as local discounts. You can book a spa getaway for you both and/or the entire family. Another great one is massage envy that offers reduced rates on weekly or months massages, who doesn’t need a massage?

Photo books of you, your kids or the entire family. Books start as low as 9.99 a great deal for a book for generations. They also have mugs, posters, cards and who doesn’t want a pillow with a grandchild’s face?

Adventure seeking Mom? How about a tandem paragliding trip? This is one I have never done but would love to try.

Then of course there is the cooking class which she might not need but… a cheese making class is truly fun. Having done this myself in Atlanta I learned so much and yes… ate so much. There are even cheese making tours in California or why not do one in France? Plan your own or get it organized for you and then of course you can’t have win without cheese so you add on a wine tour to go along with it.

The list is endless and now has given me wanderlust. So if all else fails you could just call us and we could do a skincare class :) or you could give her a gift certificate

Whatever you do I am sure Mom will love it!

5 Tips for Good Skincare


5 Tips for Good Skincare

1. Sun protection

Sun Protection is a must.  According to the American Cancer Society   melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer and rates have risen in the past 30 years. Current estimates are the one in 5 adults will have skin cancer in their lifetime. I use Badger sunscreen as it protects from both UVA and UVB rays as well as being organic and water resistant.

2. Avoid chemicals

Avoid Chemicals in your skincare routine that goes for your cleansing method as well. Cleansing oil is the best route to keep your skin supple and moisturized. Always read your ingredients a good source to look by brand is the EWG skin deep guide.  The less products you use on your skin, the less irritated your skin will become thus reducing the signs of aging.

3. Moisturize your skin

Your skin is your largest organ on your body and in order to stay replenished and glowing, your need to trap moisture in to avoid fine lines and remain healthy.

4. Avoid using hot water

Avoid using hot water on your skin as it will stripe your skin of oils; use tepid water. Limit the time you spend in the shower, you will be helping your skin and the environment. Cool water is also best for your hair and reduces scalp irritations. According to WebMD hot water can exacerbate skin challenges such as psoriasis

5. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress as it play a major role in our overall wellbeing that is reflected in our health and skin. We know the rules, eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest but it seems this time of year it is harder. Some of our customers swear by using our lavender hand cream at saying it soothes their hands and the aroma is like a lullaby to them.

8 Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

benefits carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil has a woodsy, clean, earthy and herbaceous aroma and is an ingredients in our face and neck elixir.

  1. Known for its abundance in Vitamin A and carotene, it also revitalizes the skin
  2. Carotenoids in carrots helps to reduce damage of the ultra violet rays as well as soothing dry skin
  3. Effective in treating eczema, dermatitis, arthritis and gout for its mucous membrane strengthening properties
  4. Antioxidants that help deter the signs of wrinkles
  5. Cytophylactic: stimulates the growth of new cells and tissues
  6. Relief of muscle pain and soreness
  7. Stress and anxiety reduction properties
  8. Studies indicate its effectiveness in reducing cardiovascular disease


Top 7 Uses For Argan Oil


What are the top 7 uses for argan oil?  Sometimes known as Moroccan liquid gold, argan oil has a multitude of uses inclusive of alleviating and treating dry skin, rashes, and treating acne ridden skin.  Historically, it was used for its curative properties with open wounds and today it is also seen as a dietary supplement.  Is it honestly possible that what appears to be an unassuming tree can truly be so magnificent?

As with most things, it is important to understand the genesis to fully grasp the present. Argan oil hails from Morocco (not be confused with Moroccan oil) and the oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree.  The round fruit has a thick cover that protects a fleshy pulp that has a large nut in the center that houses the much sought after kernels that yield this miraculous Moroccan liquid gold.  Despite many attempts to mechanize the process, due to its properties, most cold pressing and extraction is done by hand. This arduous process takes Berber women between 3 to 4 days to produce a liter of oil. This luxurious oil has incredible properties thus creating a long list of uses but what are the top 7?

1. Body and Face Moisturizer

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and vitamin A, both of which are crucial in reducing fine lines and encouraging cellular reparation.  During the winter moths our skin is thirsty for relief from the harsh outdoors and the constant change from dry, warm air indoors to cooler ambient air laden with pollutants.  In particular at night, the glistening oil will create a layer of moisture and will not create an oily residue as it is a dry oil.  A word of caution; use argan oil sparingly.  A little goes a long way!  This liquid gold is an opulent and luxurious oil just like a fine truffle to be savored and doled out slowly.

2. Acne treatment

If you are anything like me, you find yourself in your 40’s struggling with pugnacious acne flare ups that should be part of a movie surrounding the trial and tribulations of high school drama.   Argan oil is a magnificent solution for acne prone skin.  Argan oil has antibacterial properties and reduces inflammation due to its high content of linoleic acid.  Despite the temptation of using chemicals to fight acne, remember that argan oil used alone or in combination with other oils such as tea tree or marigold bergamot can create both a solution and a benefit.

3. Manage and protect your locks

I personally have ethnic hair that has moments of utter freedom with curls that can be unruly.  I have found that argan oil, found in our hair and body silk, creates impeccable runway ready, bouncy curls.  Especially during winter I tend to flat iron my hair, but before I even consider the laborious process of blow out and flat iron, I always add a few drops to my scalp and hair. In addition to creating a platform for coiffure perfection, it also fights spilt ends. Need I say more? 

4. Overnight hair treatment

Sometimes we tend to forget about our locks.  Our hair frames our faces.  About once a month (usually on a cozy, scrabble Saturday night) I lather my locks with a hair mask that includes argan oil.  This month I tried a combination of our Organic Cleansing Oil and argan oil and it was magnificent.  Some research even suggests that argan oil can promote hair growth, so I am certain to massage my scalp too!  The properties of the vitamins A & E create a healthy shine and manageability.

5. Boost for any mask treatment. 

Whether doing a mask for your face, your hands or if you are fortunate enough to have an all over body masking/wrapping experience, argan oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E) which has been highlighted for its anti-oxidant effects.  The linoleic acid found in argan oil promotes and encourages levels of sebum production which limits dead skin cells. Adding argan oil to any mask treatment will boost the effects just like a dash of salt adds a glorious touch of flavor to a perfectly ripened avocado.

6. Great for babies and mommies

Argan oil is the perfect emollient for both babies and their moms (aunts, grandmothers, dads, grandfathers, neighbors… etc.).  The gentle non-toxic properties of argan oil can add moisture, help with cradle cap as well as rashes on gentle baby skin.  In addition, it can be used on stretch marks during and after pregnancy.  I have a friend that gave birth to twins and gained a substantial amount of weight and what seemed to be an etch-a-sketch picture of stretch marks during her pregnancy.  Well before the current buzz of argan oil, her Vovo gave her the “old country” suggestion of using argan oil on a daily basis.  I am here to tell you that Vovo, if alive, would have millions of Instagram followers – she was brilliant!

7. Cuticles, lips and feet

Cracked lips, dry feet and painfully parched cuticles benefit greatly from argan oil.  A few drops with cozy socks can create an ideal overnight treatment for your feet.  When pampering my feet, I also like to finish my treatment with our lemon lime shea butter cream adding another layer of treatment and delight.  Remember to always apply oils before creams for best results!  As for my cuticles, I tend to take care of my hands mostly in traffic, so I rub a few drops on my cuticles while I sit in daily traffic.  It tends to beat any possibility of texting and I feel incredibly efficient during idle time.  As for your lips, massaging a drop of argan oil prior to lathering your lips with your lip balm makes for a perfect pout… NYE is around the corner!

Beyond the abovementioned uses for argan oil, the fair trade with the women in Morocco that produces this Moroccan liquid gold has changed lives.  I encourage you to learn more about argan oil and how the concerted selection of certified organic argan oil for HollyBeth Organic products changes lives and encourages a brighter future.  Stay lovely, stay strong and try one of the 7 uses for argan oil. 

6 Must Have Organic Skin Care Products

allingredientsWhat Are The Must Have Organic Skin Care Products?

Throughout my professional career I was always encouraged to create and live by significance filled lists.  I recall vividly sitting in a cramped conference room with stale coffee and an overabundance of excessively perfumed suits with the tick tock of an egg timer as we needed to work as a group to decipher the top ten items we would take if you were to go on a trip to the moon.  I distinctly remember in my head thinking this list of choice is woefully lacking… why one would take matches to the moon when there is no oxygen? In the end I feel like I am not sure the event was overtly significant in my professional development, however, the idea of creating a prioritized, significant lists with purpose is.  On this occasion, our virtual tête-à-tête will cover the must have organic skin care products. 

1. Hair and Body Silk

My approach to skin care is not only holistic, but also all encompassing.  As your largest organ, ALL of your skin is important for your devotion. Let’s commence with your hair and scalp.  My go to product for hair is our hair and body silk.  The infusion of peppermint creates an invigorating massage or your scalp while you deep condition or with just a few drops manages frizzy, unruly curls or a perfect sealant pre and post flat iron usage.  A little side note, I also add a drop or two to my tinted moisturizer and it adds an incredible dewy appearance.

2. The Luxurious Cleansing Oil

Next item on my list would be the luxurious cleansing oil.  This cleansing oil can be used to take make up off, as a mask and as a cleansing agent.  This 3 for 1 has lavender essential oil, camellia seed oil and avocado oil that is brimming with natural antioxidants like Vitamins A and E.  As the weather becomes cooler, I have been using it as a mask for my Sunday~Funday evening routine.  I apply to clean skin and then engulf my face with a warm wash cloth (or a fine cheese cloth) for about 20 minutes. The natural steroids like sterolins reverses age spots all while boosting collagen production – who could refuse?

3. Skin Therapy Make-Up Remover

My third must have would be our newly launched skin therapy. This was created by HollyBeth herself as a “go to” for her travels.  While living in Mexico and throughout Latin America, HollyBeth learned the curative powers of plants such as prickly pear seed (also known as barbary fig).  Did you know that it takes approximately 300 prickly pear seeds to make one ounce of oil?  A decadent luxury indeed!  Kissed with lime and lavender essential oils, this cream can be used both for your day and night ritual.  The whipped texture reminds me of the smoothness of a perfect crème brulee and the perfectly sized violet glass container is a perfect size for my purse or gym bag.

4. HollyBeth Eye Cream

Next on my list of must haves would be original and still best top seller, our eye cream.  Your eyes are the windows to your soul and should be given all the attention you can afford. The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and susceptible as well as indicative of the stress in our daily lives.  The key to a results oriented eye cream is restoration, protection and moisture.  HollyBeth Organics eye cream is made with camellia oil that offers UV protection in addition to jojoba and sweet almond to moisturize.  Whether you choose an eye cream or a serum (see also our roller ball eye serum), your eye cream should give you a footing to take on your day and encourage renovation while you sleep.

5. Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream

Your hands are incredibly important in our lives.  When we meet someone we shake their hands, when we are in the midst of a business meeting we take notes, eat or peck away at an electronic devise.  Many people forget their hands and even more so, they forget their feet.  As I have always been someone that lives for being incredibly efficient with my time and purchases, I would recommend a cream that can be used for both your hands and feet.  Our Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream is dreamy! It is absorbed quickly (avoiding that awkward greasy hand shake!) and the stimulating essential oils of orange peppermint remind me of a brisk winter saunter.  At night, I lather my feet with this cream and I awake with visibly smoother and less dry heals!  In fact, we just recently received a note from a loyal client sharing the he uses this cream as a balm for his hair after applying it on his hands.

6. Orange – Peppermint Lip Balm

My last suggestion would be a lip balm that can be used under lip gloss as well as at night for continual nourishing. Our Orange – Peppermint lip balm is perfect for both day and night.  Any lip balm should be protective but toxic free.  Would you purposefully eat something toxic? This lip balm is USDA organic certified and made with fair trade shea butter.  Perfect for throwing in your gym bag, your purse and personally will be a holiday gift for a multitude of people…so please act surprised!

Each day we have the option to create opportunities that will fill our lives with positive choices and forward motion.   Take each day and fill it with constructive choices for your body and your mind.  Consider closely what is in your beauty bag… it defines you!  Are you toxic and noxious or purposeful and meaningful?…. How are you defining yourself with your 6 must have organic skin care choices?

Pumpkins and Bees


Pumpkins and bees are heavy on my mind this morning. It is Saturday morning and I really didn’t intend to get on a soap box on a business page but it affects my business…. bees.

A World With No Bees?

Without bees we wouldn’t have these gorgeous blue, pink, red and orange pumpkins at Lucy’s market, unheard of colors when I was growing up as a pumpkin was always and only orange. No jack o lanterns, no pumpkin pies without the bees. Why? Because bees pollinate pumpkins. So the next time you think about swatting a bee think twice and kiss it instead. Without the bees you wouldn’t have 1 out of 7 bites of food or honey. Honey is the point of this tirade…. tupelo honey – found in our grits and honey scrub – is only found in the south… supposedly. However, as there was NO crop of tupelo honey this year I have to buy from last year’s supply. And here is where you, the consumer, might or should be upset: the farm I found is in Florida but the honey is shipped to Michigan – so I am buying from Michigan. Maybe I am the only person that finds this odd and/or carbon footprint crazy. The bees don’t have a carbon foot print only humans. The bottom line: we need the bees and unless you live under a rock you know we are losing them. So, I have decided to plant tupelo trees in the hopes that I can have bee hives…. if it is not too late. What are you going to do?

Pumpkin Facts


Did You Know That a Pumpkin is a Fruit?

Yes, the countless varieties of pumpkins are in the same family as squash, cucumbers and melons. Its origin dates back to about 5000 B.C. in North America. Pumpkins are among the most versatile fruits that exist. The shells have been used to make bowls and mats by Native Americans. Medicinally, they have been used to treat acne, fever, parasites, and kidney problems etc. etc. Long a staple in diets, the flowers seeds and meat are considered delicacies in certain cultures.

What About Pumpkin Seed Oil?

We all know about the virtues of pumpkin pies and roasted seeds, but the pumpkin seed oil is the prize for me. Pumpkin seed oil is packed with everything you need for glowing skin. Pumpkin seed oil contains fatty acids, alpha hydroxy acid, vitamins A, C,  E, and zinc. The oil is a powerhouse of anti-aging ingredients that boost collagen production, increase cell renewal that brightens and smooths the skin. Other added benefits include the diminishing of environmental skin damage and reducing break outs. If you love pumpkin seed oil – try our nourishing body oil and body oil.

4 Post-Makeup Skin Care Treatments

5 post make up treatments
4 post makeup skin care treatments

We tend to spend most of our energy preparing our face to take on the day and sometimes we seem to forego the needed post-makeup routine. We have all been there… exhausted to the point that our eye lashes seem to hurt and the finite energy still accessible was used to floss. Despite the desire to simply give in to the alluring plea of your heavenly bed, your post makeup skin care routine can define the success of your purposeful skin care choices both earlier in your day and life.  

When your skin has been absolved of all pollutants and erased of the day’s stress, it is a perfectly blank palette awaiting luxurious repair and restoration.  Throughout my life, I have dabbled in conventional and unorthodox skin care treatments. 

  1. Create a ritual.

    Of the many I have pondered, the most important I feel is the creation of a ritual.  By your bedside, I would recommend that you have at your arms reach an emollient lip balm, an eye serum, a face and neck serum, a face moisturizer and a hand/foot cream. If you have these beauty essentials close by, you will create not only a Zen moment but revoke any excuse of not having enough time. Always pay attention to the essential oils included in the ingredient deck; this can also be a vehicle for mental vigilance for essential rest and relaxation.

  2. Baby your face.

    Not once but twice.  First of all, avoid any abrasive puffs or brushes. Not only can these create perfect bacteria spawning grounds, but can strip your face and cause irritations and scaring.  Your fingers are the ideal mechanism for cleansing, but if you are accustomed to using a wash cloth, visit the baby section and invest in a few packs of these wash cloths.  They are the perfect size, the perfect softness and personally it makes my heart smile as I revisit memories of my daughters precious baby giggles.   Secondly, when you exfoliate remember to exfoliate for more elongated amount of time versus with more strong and harsh movements.  Aesop said it best “Slow but steady wins the race”

  3. Thick then thin.

    No, not a diet fad! Always pay attention to the proper order of products for maximum results.  At all times, apply serums first then moisturize.  Why? To maximize the benefits.  The chemical and physical properties of serums (those that are not laden with harmful chemicals or vexatious toxins) provide a potent dose of nutrients as they create hydration and balance.  Serums are fast-penetrating and can create a pristine canvas for both the application of a moisturizer but also to take full advantage of the benefits.  In essence you are encouraging your serums and moisturizers to work smarter… not harder!

  4. Create Change.

    Lastly, I would remind you to keep a routine but create change within your routine.  Fall is fast approaching and I would encourage you to reassess the products you are using in your routine.  Personally, my skin is quite dry and I have recently begun using the HollyBeth Organics Skin Therapy over my face and neck serum at night.  The curative camellia seed mixed with lavender and lime aroma calms my mind while the prickly pear encourages courageous dreams.

We all have our routines, our secret indulgences and our hush-hush beauty tips.  What are your top post-makeup skin care treatments?

If you’re interested in healthier skin, click here to view our amazing line of products!