7 reasons to use a toner

My appreciation for toners began early in life, on a plane. Before starting HollyBeth Organics, I lived on a plane and used a passport instead of a drivers license. Those long trips wreaked havoc on my skin so I started spritzing my face and hair when traveling. My fellow travelers were also misted with my concoction of the day which at that time was rose and lavender mist. Even the men loved the slight dousing of aroma for those long international flights. And yes… it is a great pick up line!! Would you like to be misted?    So why should we use a toner when not on a plane?  Because toners…
1.   Restore your skin’s ph balance to the appropriate 5.5
2.    Help tighten your pores
3.    Our marigold toner heals breakouts
4.    Our rose geranium toner  refreshes your skin, mist throughout the day
5.    Use as a make up setter
6.    Spritz through the day to keep your skin hydrated especially after a work out
7.    After cleansing, spritz to lock in moisture