Before I tell you about my new dear friend, I must say that the blurriness of the
photos is not a result of imbibing wine but of using a borrowed camera (my boyfriend’s). Unfortunately my camera’s battery died.

Adjectives that come to mind when thinking of Kathleen Lewis are too numerous to site: gorgeous, talented, creative, intelligent, determined, style magnet etc etc then of course the nouns: Mother, Wife, Friend, Business Owner.. Then of course the PRODUCTS! Oh my… her honey dream cream is just divine! I want to eat it! Then my favorite (so sorry tiger balm) is probably the stiff and sore.

Having described her above as a business women who pioneered and led the path for all of us in the industry (as well as being the first member of the Beauty Indie Network) I am honored to call her a friend, albeit an eccentric Southern friend :).
Thanks to Kathleen, I am feeling quite cool and “in” that I actually know where and what DUMBO and Superfine are, having eaten there with her after our visit of her studio in Brooklyn this weekend. Her studio is reflective of her style, clean and polished; even her creams show perfection and style; they have a delectable curly cue when you open up the jar – like icing a cake, there is a lovely twist and then the aroma! oh my…. just celestial – one whiff of the honey dream cream and I could be sitting in a bowl of marshmallow topping (my favorite!) just decadent! And do you know the best part? She makes everything to order!

So I am hoping that she will come visit us so that she can experience the “true” south and all of our charming eccentricities.