There are two possible origins for birthday cakes, one is that the Greeks used round (moon) shaped cakes to take to the temple of Artemis the Goddess of the moon. They would put candles on the cake to have it glowing like the moon. The other is the custom originating in Germany where people made bread in the shape of Jesus wrapped in cloth in the manager and placed a candle in the middle to symbolize the light of life.

Normally I don’t write about myself on a blog however, with a prominent birthday coming up I decided to do so today. When your birthday falls on or near a holiday it never seems like a birthday. Everyone wants to feel special on the day they were born, even if you don’t readily admit it. Everyone is too hung over on my birthday except my dearest friends who always call to sing to me or be with me. So, I decided to see who else has my birthday, January 1st and I found everyone from Betsy Ross, Cat Cora, JD Salinger, Ronald  Perleman, Max Azira, Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller etc… Clearly I am trying to surround myself with success. For 40 some odd years I spent every birthday out of the country, I suppose an escapism like my past marathons (according to my Dad). This year I will be 55 which sounds like a lovely number as it equals 10, and as I have invitations to visit outside Georgia I just might. So for all of you with holiday birthdays and/or near a holiday.  Happy Birthday!!!!

p.s. eye cream is the key – as Margarita  said – always use eye cream – it is the first place to go – this lovely photo of my eye cream was taken by Pamela Berger of