bread and butter, kamut, fig and hazelnut

Bread, butter and olive oil, I could live on it. In France it was the daily croissant, in Mexico it was tortillas and as a child it was my Grandfather’s biscuit and gravy. As I live dangerously close to the Farmer’s Market and Southern Sweets, I can get all sorts of carbohydrate fixes. Lately I have been eyeing the spelt bread at the farmer’s market, however no one could tell me what it is. Now that I read about spelt I can see why they can’t it is apparently a complicated grain. Determined to try it and find out what it is, this morning I grabbed what I thought was spelt bread. Of course I get home and I had actually picked up  kamut  w/fig and hazelnut. When I started reading about kamut I thought maybe it was a cult, all these registered names for a wheat…. I guess we have to be careful what with gluten intolerance and all the good things we should and should not eat. A couple of years ago I read that Dolly Parton lost her weight in eating everything she wanted …. in portions. I think I will stick with that. And this kamut fig hazelnut is great with butter!