Petit Manseng

Traveling and living abroad for most of my life until starting HollyBeth’s Organic Skincare, I  have been very fortunate to visit vineyards around the globe, from Europe to South America. My favorite are in Chile where I was introduced to my favorite wine Carmenere and the second, Malbec from Argentina. Living in  France I was enchanted with Pouilly-Fuisse. Please don’t misunderstand, I am by no means a wine snob as my friends will attest. .

Today, thanks to my mother, I might have found my favorite new white wine, Petit Manseng. Native to Pau, France, Petit Manseng is the only wine used to baptize a king of France, Henry IV. 

It  has found a new home at Tiger Mountain Vineyards in North Georgia where I took my mother today. The grape grows in small bunches with small grapes and thick skins that remind me of muscadines here in Georgia. Tiger Vineyard describes their wine as follows, however we did not notice the apple flavor, Petit Manseng produces a crisp, tangy white wine with a bouquet of fresh green apples. Amazingly, my mother has fallen in love with their award winning Petit Manseng. The cost was much more than I would pay for a bottle of wine but it is delightful! We had the most amazing maple smoked trout with it at the Red Barn that is the restaurant at the vineyard. 

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