We are changing our name! HollyBeth Organics

Why are we changing our name to HollyBeth Organics? Because we ARE organic, our products are USDA Organic Certified and there are too many companies with Organics in their name that are not organic nor could they be certified as such. As a …small company we pay a premium to practice what we preach, we believe in making the best product with the purest ingredients. To be certified organic we have gone through an extensive, expensive and exhausting process. Our ingredients are more costly than those that have not been certified. Why does this make a difference? Because I do not want my family exposed to harmful chemicals in products, nor do I want to use preservatives that have only been tested on animals. Our products are waterless and therefore are stable for over a year and hand made with love and passion for YOU.
If our site is down temporarily due to the change of domain names, please feel free to e-mail hollybeth@hollybeth.net us or call us 404.549.7403. thank you!