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dogwood trees

Dogwood trees are some of the most versatile trees. Birds eat the berry, Native America [...]

earth day special

banana plant

My banana plant is blooming. Native to China, it is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. [...]


Iris means “rainbow” in Greek. In Greek mythology the goddess Iris took messages to/from heaven [...]

apple blossoms

My apple tree is blossoming, and I just read that it will be another 6 [...]

edible flowers

tulip time

My tulips are coming up! Tulips will actually grow after being cut in the vase; [...]

orange essential oil

Oranges have been cultivated since 2500 BC and are native to Southeast Asia; they were [...]


Happy Sunday! Inspiration – what inspires YOU? I will start… my backyard is my inspiration [...]

Rain Rose

Happy Saturday! It is a thunderstorm day in Georgia and I can honestly say I [...]