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stress relief – peppermint

My favorite stress relief essential oil is peppermint. Indigenous to Europe and discovered in 1753, [...]

sunday blooming blessings

January 2013 and for the first time in my lifetime, daffodils, daphnes, lenten roses, camellias, [...]

Christmas Lights

Did you know that in the 12th century the first Christmas trees were hung upside [...]

Tea Olives at Christmas

It is December and it is going to 75 degrees today in Atlanta. Goodness! There [...]

Beauty Huile Review

Beauty Huile wrote a lovely review on our marigodl bergamot dryoil. Thank you!   What [...]


  Today I am thankful for the bees in my backyard. Without them I would [...]

A rose is a rose until…

A rose is a rose until… invasion of worms devastates the leaves and blooms. There [...]

backyard finds

Yesterday I happened to get home while it was still light out and just look [...]

Mums one of the Four Nobles Ones

  When my mums start blooming in the backyard I know it is time to [...]