New Year, New Skin!


Happy New Year!

As the holiday season comes to a close, we say a bittersweet goodbye to 2015 and start anew in 2016. Now is our chance to cultivate our goals and find new successes, be it with the hopeful motivation of a New Year’s resolution or an ever-present desire to better oneself.

As I made my holiday party rounds this year, I found the most popular goal for the New Year to be the ubiquitous “get healthy” resolution. So many of us work on improving ourselves with the latest diet and exercise trends (not a bad thing!), that we forget to focus on one of the major tell-tale signs of health: our skin!

A Healthier You

Just as our diet benefits from foods free of toxins and rich in natural ingredients, so does our skin. HollyBeth Organic’s skin care products are made with pure, USDA-Certified organic ingredients, nourishing the skin with the Earth’s most luxurious resources. Purify your skin with wholesome elements of nature, not artificial concoctions grown in a lab. You can have radiant, glowing, acne-free skin (nature has a prescription for that!) when you keep it simple.

HollyBeth Organics skincare products are for everyone. From dry to oily, young to mature, sensitive or acne-prone, we can help you find the perfect solution for your skin’s needs.

We want to help you reach your skincare goals for 2016. From now until January 4th, enjoy Free Shipping with code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY.  May 2016 be the year those little changes lead to major results!

6 Must Have Organic Skin Care Products

allingredientsWhat Are The Must Have Organic Skin Care Products?

Throughout my professional career I was always encouraged to create and live by significance filled lists.  I recall vividly sitting in a cramped conference room with stale coffee and an overabundance of excessively perfumed suits with the tick tock of an egg timer as we needed to work as a group to decipher the top ten items we would take if you were to go on a trip to the moon.  I distinctly remember in my head thinking this list of choice is woefully lacking… why one would take matches to the moon when there is no oxygen? In the end I feel like I am not sure the event was overtly significant in my professional development, however, the idea of creating a prioritized, significant lists with purpose is.  On this occasion, our virtual tête-à-tête will cover the must have organic skin care products. 

1. Hair and Body Silk

My approach to skin care is not only holistic, but also all encompassing.  As your largest organ, ALL of your skin is important for your devotion. Let’s commence with your hair and scalp.  My go to product for hair is our hair and body silk.  The infusion of peppermint creates an invigorating massage or your scalp while you deep condition or with just a few drops manages frizzy, unruly curls or a perfect sealant pre and post flat iron usage.  A little side note, I also add a drop or two to my tinted moisturizer and it adds an incredible dewy appearance.

2. The Luxurious Cleansing Oil

Next item on my list would be the luxurious cleansing oil.  This cleansing oil can be used to take make up off, as a mask and as a cleansing agent.  This 3 for 1 has lavender essential oil, camellia seed oil and avocado oil that is brimming with natural antioxidants like Vitamins A and E.  As the weather becomes cooler, I have been using it as a mask for my Sunday~Funday evening routine.  I apply to clean skin and then engulf my face with a warm wash cloth (or a fine cheese cloth) for about 20 minutes. The natural steroids like sterolins reverses age spots all while boosting collagen production – who could refuse?

3. Skin Therapy Make-Up Remover

My third must have would be our newly launched skin therapy. This was created by HollyBeth herself as a “go to” for her travels.  While living in Mexico and throughout Latin America, HollyBeth learned the curative powers of plants such as prickly pear seed (also known as barbary fig).  Did you know that it takes approximately 300 prickly pear seeds to make one ounce of oil?  A decadent luxury indeed!  Kissed with lime and lavender essential oils, this cream can be used both for your day and night ritual.  The whipped texture reminds me of the smoothness of a perfect crème brulee and the perfectly sized violet glass container is a perfect size for my purse or gym bag.

4. HollyBeth Eye Cream

Next on my list of must haves would be original and still best top seller, our eye cream.  Your eyes are the windows to your soul and should be given all the attention you can afford. The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and susceptible as well as indicative of the stress in our daily lives.  The key to a results oriented eye cream is restoration, protection and moisture.  HollyBeth Organics eye cream is made with camellia oil that offers UV protection in addition to jojoba and sweet almond to moisturize.  Whether you choose an eye cream or a serum (see also our roller ball eye serum), your eye cream should give you a footing to take on your day and encourage renovation while you sleep.

5. Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream

Your hands are incredibly important in our lives.  When we meet someone we shake their hands, when we are in the midst of a business meeting we take notes, eat or peck away at an electronic devise.  Many people forget their hands and even more so, they forget their feet.  As I have always been someone that lives for being incredibly efficient with my time and purchases, I would recommend a cream that can be used for both your hands and feet.  Our Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream is dreamy! It is absorbed quickly (avoiding that awkward greasy hand shake!) and the stimulating essential oils of orange peppermint remind me of a brisk winter saunter.  At night, I lather my feet with this cream and I awake with visibly smoother and less dry heals!  In fact, we just recently received a note from a loyal client sharing the he uses this cream as a balm for his hair after applying it on his hands.

6. Orange – Peppermint Lip Balm

My last suggestion would be a lip balm that can be used under lip gloss as well as at night for continual nourishing. Our Orange – Peppermint lip balm is perfect for both day and night.  Any lip balm should be protective but toxic free.  Would you purposefully eat something toxic? This lip balm is USDA organic certified and made with fair trade shea butter.  Perfect for throwing in your gym bag, your purse and personally will be a holiday gift for a multitude of people…so please act surprised!

Each day we have the option to create opportunities that will fill our lives with positive choices and forward motion.   Take each day and fill it with constructive choices for your body and your mind.  Consider closely what is in your beauty bag… it defines you!  Are you toxic and noxious or purposeful and meaningful?…. How are you defining yourself with your 6 must have organic skin care choices?

Riviera Reverie

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July is often a daydreamy kind of month. Sometimes, especially in the South, when it’s so hot and humid that I can barely move, my thoughts tend to drift out the window to a faraway place. With Bastille Day arriving earlier this week, and from my days in the studio sniffing our Lavender Hand Cream, I’ve found myself drifting off to the French Riviera. Several years ago I took a trip to France and ended up in Eze, which is on the coast, not far from Nice. We visited an outpost of Fragonard, a French ‘parfumeur’ that is almost a century old.  As I remember it (and that’s all that matters, isn’t it? How we remember places we’ve seen, not how they actually are?) Eze was something out of a dream—all crumbly stone walls, blanketed in crawling vines and flowers. At the perfumery, we took a workshop on aromatherapy and learned about the process of making perfume. Do I remember anything specific that I learned that day? No, of course not. What I do remember is the lovely, smiling people, and the place that looked so old and crumbling, but that all my senses told me was very much alive and breathing.

Another old yet alive and breathing place, so very far from the French Riviera, is St. Simons, a barrier island of the coast of Georgia. My family has been making a yearly pilgrimage there for many decades now, and our next trip is next week. There is certainly not an historic perfumery on St. Simons, nor are there fields of lavender, but there are hanging curtains of Spanish moss, magnolia blooms, and warm, salty-spray air. It is a dreamy place in its own right, with its own soul.

Where are some of your dreamy places? What smells, flowers, or colors take you back to them?

double duty eye cream

The skin around your eyes is the first area to show signs of aging and the damaging effects of sun exposure, smoking, and environmental toxins. Why? Skin is thinnest around the eye area and as we age we lose muscle tone.  Sun exposure damages the elastin and collagen in your skin thus decreasing elasticity. Our customers swear by our eye cream and tell us that they have seen positive results around the eye using HollyBeth Organics eye cream loaded with camellia oil (uva protection properties) Vitamin E and jojoba oil. This is by far our number one seller. Customers e-mail us telling us they swear by it for cuticle cream and cold cream – what do you use it for?


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