4 reasons to exfoliate

1. Reducing Dry Skin
Homes have low moisture content starting now, in fall. The change in weather will naturally make your skin dryer. Exfoliating removes dead cells and promotes new cell growth by removing dead, which reduces itchiness and improves comfort.
2. Improving Moisturizer Success
Areas coated with dead skin cells can’t absorb as much moisturizer. When you buff off dead skin, you’re providing better access to lotions and creams for new pores. Exfoliating first in your skincare routine ensures these tiny holes can take in moisture better.
3. Bettering Coloration
Dead skin cells are grayish, making your skin look unhealthy and dull. As you exfoliate and remove the top layer of cells, you’ll uncover the healthy skin underneath. Exfoliating evens out skin tone by balancing dry and oily areas, giving your cells a natural, youthful tone and glow.
4. Minimizing Blemishes
Using physical exfoliants like textured scrubs reduces skin blemishes. These unique materials get into the pores, taking out dirt and sweat that cause acne. Exfoliate your entire body to address acne on the back, arms, and neck while promoting soft skin. Adding this to your skincare routine prevents pimples and lowers pore size, which reduces clogging and makes them look less noticeable.