The marula tree is native to Southern Africa and is also known as the “marriage tree” in certain cultures. If one is married beneath the tree, they will enjoy fertility and vigor throughout their life. The bark is made into a drink that is used in a cleansing ritual prior to marriage.


The tree is drought resistant, and its leaves and nuts provide food for animals and humans. It is also a dioecious species, meaning that there is a male and female tree and is cross-pollinated by animals that either eat the fruit or insects that visit the flowers.

Marula Nut Oil

The oil from marula nuts is a fast-absorbing, a dry oil, that is nutty and fruity in aroma. It has eight times the amount of vitamin C as an orange, a high level of protein and is rich in antioxidants. Clinical studies in 2018 determined that the oil is perfect for very dry skin and may help with acne. Lightweight and silky, you will find this oil in our award-winning eye balm.