Pumpkins and Bees


Pumpkins and bees are heavy on my mind this morning. It is Saturday morning and I really didn’t intend to get on a soap box on a business page but it affects my business…. bees.

A World With No Bees?

Without bees we wouldn’t have these gorgeous blue, pink, red and orange pumpkins at Lucy’s market, unheard of colors when I was growing up as a pumpkin was always and only orange. No jack o lanterns, no pumpkin pies without the bees. Why? Because bees pollinate pumpkins. So the next time you think about swatting a bee think twice and kiss it instead. Without the bees you wouldn’t have 1 out of 7 bites of food or honey. Honey is the point of this tirade…. tupelo honey – found in our grits and honey scrub – is only found in the south… supposedly. However, as there was NO crop of tupelo honey this year I have to buy from last year’s supply. And here is where you, the consumer, might or should be upset: the farm I found is in Florida but the honey is shipped to Michigan – so I am buying from Michigan. Maybe I am the only person that finds this odd and/or carbon footprint crazy. The bees don’t have a carbon foot print only humans. The bottom line: we need the bees and unless you live under a rock you know we are losing them. So, I have decided to plant tupelo trees in the hopes that I can have bee hives…. if it is not too late. What are you going to do?

halloween for seniors

Conclusion of the day: one is never too old to celebrate Halloween.  My Mother (84 yrs old) informed that she needs a mask for Halloween and baggy clothes, she wants to be a tramp; her antithesis. As a true Southern Belle that never leaves without being dressed to the hilt I often wonder if I am truly hers. Always dressed to the nines, I cannot tell you how many people stop her to comment on her stylish ways. She is 5’3” and I am 5’11”, she is quite thin, I am not, she is always picture perfect and VERY neat and organized, I am not.  Her drawers are perfection, neatly folded and color coordinated; I am lucky if I can find matching socks. She can paint, I cannot.  However, I can honestly say that my Mother is one of the few people on this planet that understands me and can make me laugh until I am exhausted. For some reason we have the same sense of humor. But mind you, she can make me madder than a madcat as my Grandmother would have said. She worked with me until she had a bout of breast cancer and other illnesses. So the long and short of this is that I am blessed to still have her with me. Oh…. and the photo is a spoiler alert for my costume :). It is a long heavy skirt that I bought in Nepal, the lovely lady who made it said that it was made for a Princess who didn’t like it. It has danced many a dance since then and I did feel like a Princess:).

hallooween 010