Lavender love

My love of lavender began while living in France. The decadent rows of it in the south of France and all the creams and potions were just divine. However, it wasn’t until I moved back home and visited Sequim (pronounced Squeem not seqeem), Washington that I seriously thought about having a lavender farm, a dream that might still come to fruition but very hard to do in Georgia. The Pacific Northwest although rainy, has some of the best in the country and the entire town of Sequim thrives and is dedicated to this dynamic herb. After losing industry in the community they decided to plant fields of the plants  and voila a thriving festival and businesses bloomed.

Lavender History

The history of aromatherapy is thanks to this aromatic herb. Rene Gattefosse burned his hand and used the oil to stop the pain. It healed the hand without scarring or infection. However, the French have the Romans to thank for Provence’s abundance of  farms. The Romans introduced the herb to France. It is thought that the name comes from Latin “lavare” to wash of ‘livendulo” livid or bluish. Before World War 1 the French government cleared the almond orchards. They replaced them with lavender in the hopes of keeping the population there instead of fleeing.

Lavender Uses

In ancient Egypt the flowers were used for embalming, cosmetics, massage oils and as perfume. Egyptians would put it on their heads. The Greeks would anoint their feet. According to the Greek Philosopher Diogenes “When you anoint your head with perfume, it flies away in the air and only the birds get the benefit of it, whilst if I rub it on my lower limbs it envelopes my whole body and gratefully ascends to my nose”. During Nero’s time it was used for indigestion, headaches and to clean wounds. It is said that the plant was first domesticated in the Arab world. They dominated the Mediterranean culture, specifically Spain and from there lavender spread. Fast forward to the Middle Ages and it was used to raise money for King Edward 1. King Charles V1 of France stuffed his pillows with the flower buds. It was also used to treat lice and other pests.

Lavender has been a cure all for centuries, from linen, to inciting passion, repelling insects etc. etc.It takes approximately 175 lbs of the flower buds to make one ounce of essential oil. Lavender hand cream is the second product I made and the first featured in a national magazine. You will find it in skin therapy blended with lime essential oil. Our cleansing oil and lavender mist also contain the essential oil. This essential oil is the most widely used oil probably due to its medicinal properties. I love it because it is relaxing and makes me dream ;).



Daily Defense from Dry Winter Skin

Cold Weather Skincare Tips

Daily Defense from Dry Winter Skin

Ah, winter. A season of warm fires, big cozy blankets and yummy hot drinks, as well as freezing cold temperatures , bone-chilling winds, and constant runny noses. The harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on the skin, stripping it of moisture, leaving it dry and irritated. Guard your body’s largest organ with daily hydration. HollyBeth Organics has a variety of USDA-Certified Organic skincare products for daily defense from dry winter skin.

Face Moisturizer

The first step in your beauty regimen should be a good face moisturizer. Protect against dry skin by starting your day with our Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer. Rose, camellia, and sea buckthorn oils combine to empower this beautifully fragrant face cream with skin-smoothing, ultra-hydrating ingredients.

Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream

As you head out into the winter weather to go about your day, don’t forget to bring your Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream. Keep your hands, lips, and other vulnerable areas protected with this moisture-rich shea butter cream packed with the uplifting fragrances of orange and peppermint. You can tame dry hair and frizzy hat-head flyways with a small dab, too!

Lavender Hand Cream

Keep our Lavender Hand Cream handy to sooth your skin with the calming effects of lavender, camellia, jojoba, and sweet almond oil. This antioxidant-rich blend of nourishing oils and Vitamin E is sure to rejuvenate thirsty skin.

Body Balm

Ready to wind down and relax after a long day? Treat your skin with our luxurious Body Balm. A calculated blend of camellia, pomegranate, clove, and grapefruit oils paired with hydrating beeswax creates a strong defense against dry skin. This powerful combination of moisture-boosting ingredients penetrates deep, healing dehydrated skin while stimulating healthy skin cell growth. Your skin will be soft and supple all winter long.

Healthy skin is your first line of defense against all those icky winter germs! Support your well-being with hydrating, protective skincare, lots of warm clothing, good food, and happy spirits.

Understanding Plastics

We are constantly striving to be environmentally correct and sometimes that can we a challenge for all of us and for a small company it boils down to finances, unfortunately. Having said that, we have just created our gentle facial wash that will be in plastic and are looking at the environmental impact of the various plastics available; we assume that most people will have their face and shower gel in the shower and do not want glass. So, long story short I found a great site that explains the categories of plastic and their impact on the green guide.