Travel Time

Labor Day always seems like the beginning of fall to me, my favorite time of year. The time of no more white pants and glorious colors and my favorite time to travel Before I started HollyBeth Organics, my life was all about travel. If I wasn’t traveling for business I would travel for pleasure. I’m embarrassed to say that I was one of those travel snobs with way too many stamps in the passport and miles. If I wasn’t living in another country, I would think of the next country to visit. It is thanks to travel that I started HollyBeth Organics. In Spain a friend’s mom told me to always use eye cream as that is the first part of the face to show aging. So, I was galloping the globe (5o countries at the age of 50) collecting eye creams. Some got confiscated due to the ingredients and were left behind. But have too many eye creams, so I decided to create my own and voila my first product! Eye cream.

So, what does all the travel do to your skin? A plane will dehydrate your skin and if at a window seat you can catch the uv rays. Add in all the germs in the cabin and your body and skin are taking a toll. So make sure you take an eye cream on your next flight and preferably my sample gift set that will give you 6 weeks of healthy skin and like all my products, it is travel ready. And the rose geranium toner will not only keep your skin and hair hydrated and smells lovely. And finally I can’t leave home without flourish roll on perfume, so calming I swear it helps my jetlag. Enjoy your fall travel and stop by and visit us in the studio and see our gorgeous fall colors!