Bathe Less?

Bathe Less

Bathe less .. yes in the winter. Winter skin care is challenging with the cold and dry air that increases moisture loss in the skin. Then top it off by walking into a heated room and you have a double whammy of the indoor heat parching the skin more. Numerous dermatological studies also indicate that skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea are exacerbated in winter months making winter skin care essential.

This does not mean to emulate Louis XVI and wear our flourish roll on perfume without cleansing. However, it is important not to use hot water. This actually leads to moisture loss as the barriers in the skin are broken down with the scorching hot water. Use a non-alcohol based cleanser such as our chamomile foaming cleanser or marigold foaming cleanser. Both are gentle on the skin without stripping away needed hydration. Also, avoid products with fragrances, stick with essential oils. This also applies to washing your hands. Alcohol soaps and sanitizers deplete the needed hydration in your hands. If you must use them make sure and replenish with hand cream and then gloves.


You want to get rid of dead
cells by lightly exfoliating. Nothing harsh should be used, a gently exfoliant
can do the trick. Try our grits honey scrub that can also be used as
a mask and hands and face. You can also use baking soda: mix a small amount in
water and gently massage into face and hands. And please please… do not use an
exfoliant that contains micro beads that are damaging our environment.


We, or at least I tend to
forget my hands. As I have written on several occasions, my grandmother would
slather her hands in cream and then wear white cotton gloves to bed. Her hands
were hard working throughout her live from cotton picking to sewing and they
were still smooth at 99 years old. I use our lavender hand cream at
night on my hands and our orange peppermint shea butter on
my feet.


This cannot be stressed
enough for both men and women. For your home a humidifier in the bedroom will
keep your skin and hair hydrated. Heating is hot air blasting the moisture from
our skin. Our rose geranium moisturizer is
known for helping with rosacea and dry skin. What every you choose for your
face, make sure it is based on dry oils that will not pollute and clog your

The best time to apply a
moisturizer or cream is after bathing. Pat dry instead of rubbing excessively
and leave your skin slightly damp and apply the body oil or body balm your choice. I keep skin savior in my bag.

And don’t forget to
replenish your body with water… I used to drink a lot of water when living
abroad. Now, I have gotten lazy about it and must increase my intake.

Enjoy your healthy winter!
And make sure you keep your winter skin care regime!