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thai basil

  Basil’s name is from the Greek basilikohn meaning royal. Its origins can be traced [...]


A native wildflower to North America, there is around 70 species of columbine. Medicinally the [...]

tree peony

Patience is not my virture, however, I waited 3 years for this beauty to bloom [...]

viburnum in my backyard


spring sale


Carolina jessamine

My yellow jasmine is starting to bloom in my backyard! The name of this vine [...]

african daisies

My newest edition to the backyard might be one of my favorites… African Daisies! [...]

tulip time

It is tulip time in my backyard. Although the Netherlands is the largest producer of [...]


Poppies can be quite controversial to some nationalities depending on the color. Red poppies are [...]

redbud time

My redbud trees are another harbinger of spring alongside daffodils and Lenten roses. Indigenous to [...]