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Are you dirty?

I spent the weekend dirty. Filthy, actually. Sweaty and smelly. Covered in bruises and bites, [...]

Bumble Bees

Bumble bees, native to the United States, not like the humble honey bee that was [...]


Azaleas, in the same family as rhododendrons, can live for hundreds of years. Native to [...]

columbine flower

Columbine is a native wildflower to North America and is in the same family as [...]


Apples, did you know there are over 7500 varities world wide? It is the number [...]

mums & fall planting

When my mums start blooming in the backyard I know it is time to order [...]

swallowtail butterfly

This swallowtail butterfly greeted me this a.m. in my backyard. There are over 550 species of [...]


With over 60 species to choose from, basil is one the most varied herbs in [...]

dragonfly fun facts

This dragonfly reminds me of prehistoric car parts thrown together and if you look closely [...]


With over 60,000 cultivars the daylily, lasting only a day, is actually not a lily. [...]