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Everything Avocados

Television, social media, billboards, subway adverts, Instagram pics, Facebook links, and Twitter feeds just to name a few. Avocados seem to be the rage in gastronomy, health and in just about any facet of life. As a child I remember “Nani” making avocado hair masks during our summer adventures at the beach.  She was confident that her Farah Fawcett locks were more lustrous and manageable after her deep conditioning treatments.  While these memories make my heart happy, it still does not answer the question … WHY are avocados the rage???

Historically, the avocado originated from south-central Mexico sometime between 7,000 and 5,000 B.C.  Despite its historical occurrence, it was several millennia before its cultivation. As a California girl, the Hass Avocado was a staple at our house complete with the historical lessons of the Hass Mother Tree in La Hambra Heights that survived the ice storm in the 1920’s and is the matriarch for all California Hass Avocados.  Clearly, avocados have longevity, but WHY so popular?? 

Avocado seems to embody just about the perfect collection of youthful regeneration, have a positive environmental impact, contain wellbeing properties, has perfect, natural packaging, and can boost any diet or dietary circumscribed dinner party. When consumed, they lower bad cholesterol, are rich in fiber and full of nutrients that are paramount for a healthy life. Sometimes called the Alligator Pear, this fruit is consumed in all corners of the earth and can be appreciated throughout all courses of a meal.

Avocado orchards are good for the environment.  The orchards absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen thus aiding in the renewal of our air supply.  Like a trusted friend who guides you during tumultuous times, they prevent erosion, they stabilize the soil and they can help filter rain water, thus creating better-quality water. Avocados advocate a loving world… They usually grow in pairs and need another avocado tree in close proximity to bear fruit as they do not self-pollinate.

Avocado is a welcomed guest at any dinner party.  They are dairy free, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, cholesterol free and they have over 20 vitamins and minerals.  If that was not enough to convince you that they are a perfect accompaniment, avocado adds a sun-kissed, glistening of heavenly silkiness to chocolate desserts.  Don’t you wish you could find an avocado on match.com?

A few months ago, my brother in law made a sarcastic laden comment implying that we were missing a subliminal, secret campaign by the avocado farmers around the world.  I scoffed at his comment, as per usual, reminding him that hidden agendas don’t always reign.  Well, I am here to stand (slightly) corrected…. Avocado are ALL around and for GOOD reason… 

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Written by Gabriela Gonzalez-Lamberson