4 Beauty Secrets to Avoid Maskne

4 Beauty Secrets to Avoid Maskne

Breakouts are frustrating, and with the current mask mandates in many areas, you may find yourself experiencing more skin problems than usual. Considering the extra sweat or makeup buildup and trapped moisture in your mask, it’s understandable that your skin needs a little extra help during this time. Keep reading to discover a few beauty secrets that will help you fight off maskne and achieve healthier skin.

Sanitize your mask

While it may seem like an obvious step to reduce maskne, many people forget the importance of properly sanitizing their masks before stepping out of the house. Because your hands and masks touch many surfaces throughout the day, making sure the mask that is meant to protect you is not carrying any harmful germs is critical to your skin and overall health.

Spritzing your mask with an oil-infused hand sanitizer works to not only fight bacteria, but the oils will also give your mask a boost of freshness. This is especially useful for cotton, reusable, or paper masks for quick wear and use. Additionally, a clean mask reduces the risk of breakouts as a sanitized mask is less likely to clog pores with dirt or oil.

Reevaluate your vision options

You might be wondering what your vision has to do with your mask-related breakouts, but you’d be surprised how being conscious of your glasses or contacts can help. Glasses sit on the bridge of the nose and can also cause dirt buildup on the temples, especially with the added moisture of a mask. Consider investing in an anti-fog spray that coats the lenses to prevent unwanted fogging while also sanitizing the frames.

If glasses are too uncomfortable to wear with a mask because they keep fogging and slipping, you should try opting for contacts instead. Wearing contacts can eliminate the friction and build-up of dead skin cells that cause breakouts—which can be especially impactful if you have oily skin. As air can flow upward when a mask is not fastened tight enough, contacts keep the eyes from drying out as well as removing the opportunity for skin-related issues as a result of the excessive moisture.

Exfoliate your skin

Whether you have to wear your mask for extended periods of time each day or just had to throw one on for fifteen minutes to run an errand, masks can irritate the skin tremendously. As there are many different skin types, it is important to learn how to safely exfoliate your skin including finding the correct tools and products.

Exfoliation can brighten your skin and more importantly remove the dead skin cells that may have built up as a result of mask-wearing. Using a pore clarifying mask with organic glycerin will replenish and heal dried-out skin. Remember that masks can dehydrate the skin, so quality products and a consistent exfoliation routine can help bring life back into a dulled complexion.

Stay hydrated

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is an important part of achieving healthy and glowing skin, but now more than ever it is important to drink enough water to keep skin supple. Water helps the body to flush out toxins that can lead to skin issues and breakouts.

If you aren’t sure if you are drinking enough water for your personal needs, use this hydration calculator to determine the right amount of water intake for you. Not only will drinking more water help combat annoying maskne but drinking plenty of water will also help you avoid bad breath as you wear your mask!

Maskne isn’t something you may have thought you would have to deal with, but with the right beauty regiment and conscious choices you can fight back against unwanted breakouts and skin problems. Try out a few of these tips before heading out of your house next time you wear your mask.