4 Beauty Secrets to Avoid Maskne

4 Beauty Secrets to Avoid Maskne

Breakouts are frustrating, and with the current mask mandates in many areas, you may find yourself experiencing more skin problems than usual. Considering the extra sweat or makeup buildup and trapped moisture in your mask, it’s understandable that your skin needs a little extra help during this time. Keep reading to discover a few beauty secrets that will help you fight off maskne and achieve healthier skin.

Sanitize your mask

While it may seem like an obvious step to reduce maskne, many people forget the importance of properly sanitizing their masks before stepping out of the house. Because your hands and masks touch many surfaces throughout the day, making sure the mask that is meant to protect you is not carrying any harmful germs is critical to your skin and overall health.

Spritzing your mask with an oil-infused hand sanitizer works to not only fight bacteria, but the oils will also give your mask a boost of freshness. This is especially useful for cotton, reusable, or paper masks for quick wear and use. Additionally, a clean mask reduces the risk of breakouts as a sanitized mask is less likely to clog pores with dirt or oil.

Reevaluate your vision options

You might be wondering what your vision has to do with your mask-related breakouts, but you’d be surprised how being conscious of your glasses or contacts can help. Glasses sit on the bridge of the nose and can also cause dirt buildup on the temples, especially with the added moisture of a mask. Consider investing in an anti-fog spray that coats the lenses to prevent unwanted fogging while also sanitizing the frames.

If glasses are too uncomfortable to wear with a mask because they keep fogging and slipping, you should try opting for contacts instead. Wearing contacts can eliminate the friction and build-up of dead skin cells that cause breakouts—which can be especially impactful if you have oily skin. As air can flow upward when a mask is not fastened tight enough, contacts keep the eyes from drying out as well as removing the opportunity for skin-related issues as a result of the excessive moisture.

Exfoliate your skin

Whether you have to wear your mask for extended periods of time each day or just had to throw one on for fifteen minutes to run an errand, masks can irritate the skin tremendously. As there are many different skin types, it is important to learn how to safely exfoliate your skin including finding the correct tools and products.

Exfoliation can brighten your skin and more importantly remove the dead skin cells that may have built up as a result of mask-wearing. Using a pore clarifying mask with organic glycerin will replenish and heal dried-out skin. Remember that masks can dehydrate the skin, so quality products and a consistent exfoliation routine can help bring life back into a dulled complexion.

Stay hydrated

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is an important part of achieving healthy and glowing skin, but now more than ever it is important to drink enough water to keep skin supple. Water helps the body to flush out toxins that can lead to skin issues and breakouts.

If you aren’t sure if you are drinking enough water for your personal needs, use this hydration calculator to determine the right amount of water intake for you. Not only will drinking more water help combat annoying maskne but drinking plenty of water will also help you avoid bad breath as you wear your mask!

Maskne isn’t something you may have thought you would have to deal with, but with the right beauty regiment and conscious choices you can fight back against unwanted breakouts and skin problems. Try out a few of these tips before heading out of your house next time you wear your mask.

Pomegranate Seed Oil


Pomegranate seed oil began it’s journey literally eons ago. Native to Persia the pomegranate is one of the oldest fruits on the planet. It was known as the nectar of the Gods. Its first journey was to China in 100 B.C. For Christians the pomegranate represents hope of life eternal. Some scholars believe it was the pomegranate and not the apple that was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

For the Jewish religion, it represents righteousness. In China it represents wealth and is a common wedding present. In Buddhism, it is one of the three blessed fruits along with peaches and citrus.

The varied uses of the tree and fruit include tanning leather, treating leprosy and dyspepsia.

The Fruit

Pomegranates grow on a shrub that can be pruned to look like a tree. They can grow to 20 feet in height. There are some shrubs in Europe that have lived for 200 years. Although there are hundreds of cultivars, only 14 grow in the U.S

Pomegranate Seed Oil

200 pounds of pomegranate seeds are need to make 16 ounces of pomegranate seed oil. There are approximately 800 seeds per fruit. This luxurious oil is made by cold pressing the organic seeds.

The luscious oil produced by the pomegranate seeds contains flavonoids, antioxidants and punicic acid, a fatty acid. This reduces inflammation and hydrates as well as protecting the skin and repairing from sun damage. These components aid in protecting and firming the skin. Research has proven the efficacy of the oil on the skin in its ability to stimulate cell growth of the epidermis. Coupled with its bounty of antioxidants this is a must for glowing and healthy skin.

It easily penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue making it perfect for oily and dry skin. The oil is viscous and only a small amount is needed for the skin. This prized oil is found in our eye serum, nourishing body oil and body balm.

10 Beauty Secrets for a Younger You

We live in a world fixated with lists and numbers. We define the health of our relationships by the answer keys of a list of questions.  We demarcate our business ad life by the breadth of our twitter lists and describe the richness of our lives centered on sometimes unattainable bucket lists.  Despite this trend being somewhat vexatious to the soul, I do appreciate the delicate balance of sound advice and the creation of helpful guidelines. Alas, I have created a list of beauty secrets and skin care tips – some scientific, and some just for and from the soul…

1) Smile Often. Smile With Purpose. Smile Randomly.

The reactions you receive will make you smile even more. Frown lines are the wrinkles that age us.

2) Floss & Read

Your brain is already wrinkled and your teeth will never wrinkle.   Reading = Beautiful Mind.  Floss = Beautiful Smile.

3) Use an Eye Cream

Your eyes are the windows to your soul.  Your eyes speak volumes of who you are and who you will become.   Your beauty regimen should never be without an eye cream, serum or combination of both.

4) Exude Confidence

Even if you are flagging into a downward spiral, always find your inner confidence and harness it.  Nothing is more beautiful than a woman that is confident and strong even if she finds herself flanked by unwanted pounds or unwanted company.  You are always strong no matter what surrounds you!

5) Inside – Out | Outside – In

What you put into your body will reflect on the outside.  What you allow to permeate your mind will define your spirit.  What you expose your body to will be the framework for your internal health and wellness.

6) Wash Your Face at Night, Twice

During the day we are exposed to harmful, unsolicited pollutants. We add product to our faces thus turning our day look into our night look. No matter how exhausted we are after an arduous, exhausting day, wash once to clean and twice to purify

7)  Wear Sunscreen ALL DAY, ALL YEAR

Sun damage is not mutually exclusive to summertime, heat or an overwhelming amount of sunshine.  To this day, I am fighting the many reckless years of trying to achieve the perfect Southern California Ban de Soleil look. Try a foundation with sunscreen in it like suntegrity. and I always mix it with a small amount of rose geranium face moisturizer before applying.

8) Breathe

Use the wonders of essential oils to create needed balance in life.  Breathe deep and with purpose.  Take the time to see the beauty in everything.  Desiderata by Max Erhmann, whom encapsulates this thought perfectly, “ With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”

9) Moisturize Your Hands, Elbows & Knees

We often overlook them with our beauty regimes.  We tend to focus on our face and forget our neck and décolletage. And our hands, elbows and knees are incessantly maltreated.  They too need to be pampered.

10) Drink Water

As the largest organ, skin needs to drink in the moisture offered by water from the inside out.  Skin care should NEVER have water in its ingredients list.  It dilutes the efficacy and emboldens the chance for bacterial contamination.  HollyBeth Organics NEVER adds water to any product. I encourage you to review closely the ingredient deck of any skin care product.  You will be shocked to see that water is sometimes the first ingredient (and don’t forget that the ingredients are listed from largest quantity to smallest.)

My grandmother and great grandmother lived well into their 90’s and both were women that celebrated rugged individualism and took very different approaches to beauty.  Celebrate your own beauty, your own approach and your own 10 skin care tips.

Tips for Relaxing During the Work Week


Tips for Relaxing During the Work Week

It is almost the weekend – but not quite yet. There is still one more day of meetings, deadlines, errands, appointments, and obligations that demand your attention. By the time the weekend comes around, all of your energy has been zapped, and two days on the sofa with a movie marathon and some takeout sounds amazing, right? It’s an ongoing cycle of all work then all rest. Tired of being tired all weekend? Here are some ways to balance work with relaxation all week long.

Turn Off Your TV

We have all been behind that person in traffic with a “kill your TV” bumper sticker. Not the extent that I’m suggesting, but a few nights with the television turned off will give your brain some much-needed R&R. Give your mind a chance to recoup from sensory overload, and allow yourself to focus on something soothing, like a book or some music.

Get Physical

Sitting in an office chair all week can make anyone feel sluggish. Keep yourself energized by incorporating some kind of physical activity into your daily routine. I’m not preaching a 6:00am boot camp workout; I mean start your morning out with some good stretches or step away from your desk for an afternoon walk. Anything that gets you moving!

Have Fun

We all have things we are obligated to do; however, it is important to treat yourself with some time to do what you want to do. Catch up with some friends over dinner, check out that new movie, enjoy a good concert – whatever it is that puts a smile on your face (and rewards you for all that hard work you do).

Take Care of Yourself

Your physical health has an effect on your mental health. Take care of yourself! Just as your body benefits from pure, natural foods, go for clean, organic skincare products that will keep your skin balanced and hydrated. Check out HollyBethOrganics.com to discover skincare solutions that will keep you looking good and feeling good. One of my favorites is the Nourishing Body Oil. Just add a few drops to a hot bath for a spa-like moisturizing treatment!

Life is about balance. All work and no play . . . well, you know what I mean.

NEW FACE Gabriela Gonzalez-Lamberson


Mrs. Gonzalez-Lamberson began her career at Kodak and then began working in the International Tourism and Economic Development arena as the Director of the International division of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB).  During her tenure at the ACVB she represented the city with projects such as the bid for the Secretariat of the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as the route development of Delta Air Lines throughout Latin America.  Before returning to Atlanta in 2007 to become the Director of Southeast region for AeroMexico Airlines, Mrs. Gonzalez-Lamberson worked for the US division of the Swiss based company Kuoni as the Director for Europe and South Africa.

She currently serves as the Co-Chair for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, is a member of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic Initiative of the Girl Scouts of America. She is currently part of the educational committee with Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.   She has served as president of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s Atlanta Chapter in addition to serving board terms with the Hispanic Initiative of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, The Mexican Center of Atlanta, and the National Latina Business Women’s Association amongst others.   Amid her recognitions, she has been named Southeast Rising star by Southern Living, Women Leaders in Atlanta by Atlanta Woman Magazine and was chosen to participate in one of initial classes of the Coca Cola Diversity Leadership Academy.

With a passion for art and culture, she continues her philanthropic efforts managing a local non-profit that provides opportunities for cultural exchange, artistic expression and more overly, an opportunity for cultural understanding cultivating a path for global thinking.

Mrs. Gonzalez-Lamberson has an International Finance and International Marketing Degree from the University of Georgia.  She is passionate about health, wellness and keeping life full of laughter and legerity.  She lives in Atlanta and is married to Bart Lamberson who works in the flourishing film industry of Georgia and they have a 5 year old daughter, Gabriela Elisa.

HollyBeth Anderson

Having my photo taken is the number one thing I do not like doing nor do I like posting photos of myself. I honestly don’t know if it is insecurities or what… but it is just intimidating and believe me I am not a shy person. However, recently I had a photo shoot with Buffy Dekmar Photography that was actually fun and a pleasure. She took a series of photos for a magazine and I must say not only is Buffy gorgeous with porcelain flawless skin but funny and talented. Here is proof that it was delightful.

garden party

Beth & Pamela are two of the most talented women I know. How lucky am I that they wanted to have a garden party in my backyard? Oh my goodness, Pamela, photographer extraordinaire, made a green gazpacho that would put Wolfgang Puck a shivering… and Beth made a peach sorbet that would have the barefoot contessa asking for an autograph. It was the most wonderful party where new and old friends met. Pamela’s photos speak louder than words.bethbethhbteacupsorbetgazpacholavender

garden party
garden party