neroli essential oil

neroli, cucumber, grapefruitDid you know that it takes approximately 2000 lbs of flowers to make one pound of neroli essential oil? The oil is extracted from the bitter orange tree and is believed to have orginated in Asia. However, the Italians were the first to steam distill the oil in the 17th century. Around the same time, the first eau de cologne was created that included a blend of neroli, bergamot, lavender, lemon, petit grain and rosemary.

Neroli oil is known to reduce anxiety and stress as well as an aphrodisiac and having antibacterial properties. It has been shown effective in stimulating cell growth thus beneficial for the skin.

This fragrant ingredient is found in our body mist, along with grapefruit and cucumber. Perfect for misting hair and body throughout the day for a reviving pick me up.