Roses and Mexico

My backyard is stunning… if I say so myself!! Like the backyard I had while living in Mexico.

I’ll never forget the first time I took my mother to South America and she was astounded that it was not at all like Mexico. This is one thing that has always amazed me. Latin America is so diverse and yet your average person with a US passport has no clue. Nor do they know what NAFTA and FTAA are. Saying that the southern cone of South America is like Mexico – is like saying I am from Bhutan: I am American by birth and Southern by the grace of God.

So… it is interesting that for example, while heading up Cartier the differences were like dynamite… anteojos instead of gafas – white gold in southern cone and yellow gold in nothern cone. Ecuadorians do not have a lot in common with fellow South Americans but ironically use some of the same argot as Mexicans.

So back to the subject: Mexico – Los Estados Unidos de Mexico is such a divine and glorious country. From Patzcuaro to San Juan del Rio – there are numerous indigeneous languages, flora and fauna that probably exceeds Colombia and Ecuador’s who are noted for quoting (as well as Costa Rica) the number of species of birds etc etc However, only Michoacan can claim the monarch butterflies that go there annually – just astounding.

SO, roses and Mexico – the photo of the rose in my backyard is beautiful – reminds me of living in Mexico – where love and family reign.