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blueberry the powerhouse

        blueberry origin In a recent search, I read that the humble [...]


  Magnolias, the epitome of ¬†Southern charm, have a delicate crisp aroma that permeates the [...]


My daphnes are blooming late this year, i.e. 6 weeks late. If you have never [...]

winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice Рhave a lovely day! a camellia from my backyard.


Chrysanthemums are the largest commercially produced flower in the US and are the second most [...]

morning glory


My Dianthus are blooming emitting their spicy, clove aroma. A member of the carnation family, [...]


Did you know that blackberries are actually a fruit and not a berry and are [...]


The first clematis bloom in my yard! They are such beautiful flowers but the entire [...]