5 simple things you can do for Earth Day

Earth Day, if we could only practice what we preach daily. When I first moved back to the States, my biggest pet peeve was the water we waste. Having lived where water coming out of the faucet was scarce, I just couldn’t understand how you could leave the water running for so long without using it: brushing your teeth, washing dishes etc. I made a lot of family members mad by turning off the water. However, while on the board of UNICEF one of the main statistics I always remembered: lack of clean water is the number one cause of infant mortality.

SO what are 5 things we can do to help the planet?

  1. Plant native trees and plants. They adapt better and do not require as much water and assistance in growing. Plus, our animals, specifically pollinators, need this. Because who doesn’t know that we are losing native bees.
  2. Use your voice. Is your community doing all it can to be sustainable and environmentally aware? Is there a tree ordinance in place?
  3. Plastic. Oh my goodness, plastic, I just abhor seeing the photos of the oceans of plastics. I try and not buy food in plastic but it seems at times to almost be impossible. However, I’ll never forget a friend coming over for dinner and she had covered her salad with a kitchen towel instead of putting plastic on top. She told me she tries to do all she can to avoid plastic. Every little bit helps. Try taking your own shopping bag so you don’t have to walk out with a plastic bag.
  4. Cleaning. All the chemicals that are used for cleaning end up in our waterways. Try using vinegar and other natural options. It will also save you money by making your own.
  5. Biking. Try biking or walking where you need to go or take a train.