4000 years ago, sandalwood was used in Egypt for embalming. In India it is considered a sacred tree and has been used in religious rituals for over 2000 years. Its use in the US in perfumery because popular in the 1900s. Sandalwood has also been used for centuries for various medicinal purposes. It prevents rashes after shaving, it is great for acne prone skin, and is also be used in religious ceremonies for calming people. For the skin sandal wood oil has astringent properties, toning oily skin, relieves itching, anti  inflammatory, and hydrating. This combination makes it great for oily skin and acne prone skin as well as dry. The aroma of the oil is relaxing and calming and lovely in perfumes. HollyBeth Organics eye serum contains this precious oil.


Sandalwood trees can live up to 100 years. The essential oil is quite expensive due to the tree’s slow growth. The tree must have matured to at least 35 years before the oil can be extracted. Growing mainly in India, the tree is in danger of extinction. It is a root parasite taking its nutrients from other trees and scientists are baffled at how it survives. The scent of the roots will cover a forest as it will adhere to other trees.

I love the smell as it evokes exotic lands to me.