Geranium Leaves

Geranium leaves are some of my favorite aromas. Hence, cooking with geraniums is my thought of the day. Just chop up the leaves and add to cookie batter, pancakes, jams,  jellies or cakes.  Not only are you adding flavor and aroma to the cookies but your house will smell fabulous. Depending on the geranium species, you can add a lemony scent to your pound cake or a warm aroma to your sugar cookies. You can even take the leaves, chop them up and keep them throughout the winter. Think of geranium leaves as the new parsley flakes or herbes de Provence. I love the smell of the leaves and if I could I make an all geranium line of body products I probably would. Uses for geranium essential oil that is distilled from the leaves and flowers, date to Egyptian times, when they used the oil to treat cancer. During the Victorian era geranium leaves were used in finger bowls. And if you don’t want to put your leaves in finger bowls, make lemonade. Geranium is now even being given to patients with shingles. For skincare see our rose geranium face moisturizer and rose geranium toner and our face and neck elixir.