friendly pollinators, bumble bees

September is still colorful in my backyard. Bees and hummers are visiting all the fall blooms. My cardinal vine is full of trumpet blooms that are being frequented by ruby throated hummingbirds the only hummingbird that nests in Georgia. We have 11 species of humming birds in Georgia. Bumble bees are gentle creatures and do not swarm nor are they aggressive. Unlike honey bees they do not have a colony. Bumble bees pollinate tomatoes, strawberries, orchards and sweet peppers to name a few. Their only enemy is a human and its chemicals.



Is it just me or do we all hesitate to immediately embrace what our Mother says? My mother kept telling me about an article I had to read. Finally last night I read the crumpled newspaper article that she had gifted me and voila! It was an article by Susan Salisbury of the Palm Beach Post.  An informative short read, please click on her name to read the entire article. In it she states” “Natural” holds no regulatory definition. And just because something isn’t man-made doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe (consider poison ivy, poisonous mushrooms, or hemlock”. Which I hope illustrates the benefit of buying USDA organic certified that is regulated by USDA and the State Department of Agriculture. I won’t get on my band wagon of the arduous, costly, time consuming annual event that being certified requires. Rather, I will state that we are proud of our status. So, why is the camellia on this post? Is it natural that my camellia is blooming today the weekend of Labor Day alongside my sunflowers, phlox and ginger lily?  Which brings me to my point, I hope, that natural is not defined and regulated, however organic is.

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vetiver essential oil



Vetiver, “aroma of tranquilty” is a grass that is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia and cultivated from Brazil to Reunion. The grass has numerous uses that include erosion control (animals will not eat it) to making mats and blinds. The essential oil is unique as it is derived from the roots whereas most essential oils are from the flower. The essential oil is best known in perfumery, however it is also known to have the following properties, calming, anti-inflammatory and to stimulate hair growth. It’s aroma is earthy, woodsy and smoky but when blended with other essential oils it binds the notes and takes a back seat. I combined it with chocolate peppermint essential oil to create our popular hair & body silk.



My amaryllis bloomed this morning! It is said that they can bloom for an amazing 75 years. Native to South America and South Africa (depending on species), it is unknown when they arrived in North America. However, Thomas Jefferson wrote about amaryllis in the 1800s. It is said that the bulb was introduced to Europe in the 17th century by a German physician who discovered it in Chile in the 1800s. The flower symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty.