Sandalwood essential oil comes from the roots of the trees. The tree must have matured to at least 35 years before the oil can be extracted. Growing mainly in India, the tree is in danger of extinction. It is a root parasite taking its nutrients from other trees and scientists are baffled at how it survives. The scent of the roots will cover a forest as it will adhere to other trees. Sandalwood has been used for centuries for various medicinal purposes. It prevents rashes after shaving, it is great for acne prone skin, and is also be used in religious ceremonies for calming people. Our marigold cleanser and flourish have sandalwood essential oil.

sandalwood tree

vetiver essential oil



Vetiver, “aroma of tranquilty” is a grass that is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia and cultivated from Brazil to Reunion. The grass has numerous uses that include erosion control (animals will not eat it) to making mats and blinds. The essential oil is unique as it is derived from the roots whereas most essential oils are from the flower. The essential oil is best known in perfumery, however it is also known to have the following properties, calming, anti-inflammatory and to stimulate hair growth. It’s aroma is earthy, woodsy and smoky but when blended with other essential oils it binds the notes and takes a back seat. I combined it with chocolate peppermint essential oil to create our popular hair & body silk.


Geranium Jasmine Lavender Body Lotion

What I love about our new geranium, jasmine, lavender body lotion  is fresh, uplifting aroma that is subtle not overwhelming.  My skin is luxuriously pampered and silky smooth. It is addictive! What do YOU like about it?Body Lotion Geranium Jasmine Lavender



Controversy is surrounding the term organic these days. It appears to be the new buzz word and we all have our opinions; of course I could go on a tangent but won’t 🙂 please click on the blue organic above and let’s all read it. The challenge is not in the language per se but in the practice i.e. the sustainable farming and free trade behind the product. Sort of like the worm in the rose….or is it a caterpillar??